Vote for Fieldey on Threadless!

Vote for Fieldey on ThreadlessGreetings folks! I’m in the process of building my evil artistic empire by conquering the Mt Everest of T Shirt companies and I need YOU! Your vote might mean the difference between me becoming a rockstar T shirt designer or a depressed starving artist who cuts off an ear to send to a prawnstar.

First let me explain Threadless: It’s an American online T shirt company that sells groovy T’s for sensible prices. It’s also the holy grail of T shirt companies to submit ones work to. The shirts go through a week long process of voting before the highest voted are perused by Threadless for printing. Any one can vote, but you will have to sign up to do so… it will only take say 5 minutes of your life and will earn you a place in heaven and my eternal gratitude!

Here are the easy steps to sign up – it’s a little bit annoying, BUT remember – madness and no ears await otherwise!:

1. Click on this link to the Threadless website:
2. Click on the Join Us! in the top right hand corner, a login in box will pop up.
3. Fill in the information in the form and click send. Threadless will send an email to you to confirm the membership, you just need to open it in your email and click on the link to activate your account.
4. Now back to my delightful submission: click on the link to my submission here:
5. Cast your vote by clicking on the big boxes on the right hand side… may I suggest a 5?
6. Check the box on the right side of my design that says I would buy this – because of course you would right?! There’s no obligation to actually buy it though… it helps me get more votes.

If all else fails and you get stuck, call me and I’ll talk you through it. I’m that committed. +61 402 654 126.

Here is the design which came from a surfboard I have recently painted (images to follow) and I have slaved and sweated over this design for the past two weeks. If thisĀ  gets printed *fingers crossed*, the whole world will be able to buy and own this tasteful print – and you can rest easy in knowing you were responsible for unleashing this on the world.

The Amazing Prawn Star T shirt design

The Prawn Star



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4 responses to “Vote for Fieldey on Threadless!

  1. Oh no… I’ve been out of your blog for a while and I totally missed this ><<<< NO! I don't want to contribute to madness and ears coming off! Oh well, now I've subscribed, so the next time I will be on the ball… It is a beautiful design!


    • Still got both ears – no fear! I’ve been out of the blog sphere for ages and I’ve just been reading through yours… ‘festively farty’ had me in stitches! Dudette – you got those hands sorted – please send detailed help with diagrams, hands are the very devil!


  2. Very funny creative way to get votes in Threadless. I would have voted for Prawn Star! Hope you submit again soon.


    • Hi Sarah, thanks for visiting! Unfortunately even making all your friends and family vote doesn’t get you printed… sigh. Next time I will emerge victorious!


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