Witness the Fitness


It’s been a long time since I last passed by and updated el bloggo, but I have been busy (attempting) to screen print 100 T shirts. Fruity language has been heard around the neighborhood for the past week or so, but that my fiends, is a story for another time.

Just this very week, my good friend and talented artist Lisa Max has created a new blog called Character Witness, which in her words is: “a space for me to interview artists about the characters they design, and why it is that they’re drawn to drawing characters”. Lisa interviewed me for the blog’s maiden post and the interview soon degenerated into a saucy Wilbur Smith quotefest.

Character Witness Blog - Ink and puns with Fieldey

(Click on the link and) read on gentle readers, if you wish to know more about the inner turmoil and bitter soul fruits of Fieldey, or if you want to brighten your day with some good clean Wilbur smut.

Big thanks to Lisa for granting me the honor of popping the blog’s cherry!


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2 responses to “Witness the Fitness

  1. Lol, your interview cracked me up! (Though I will admit, I have no freakin’ clue who Wilbur Smith is. Am I missing out?)

    And the punning! Here at Casa Schopenfag, bad puns are our life, so I identify instantly. Love your kooky characters and your technique! It’s inspiring for someone trying to get out of the dodgy phase. I do wish you a successful World Domination, or at least a successful future art show with your boards ^-^.


    • Thanks! How to explain Wilbur? For a start, he’s a world wide bestselling author of ripping yarns of derring-do in the darkest Africa… with an historical bent. He has a penchant for writing about wars, killing animals and bedding babes. All the heroes have square jaws and fires of rage burning deep in their eyes… Also the books are called stuff like: When the Lion Feeds, The Eye of the Tiger, The Leopard Hunts in Darkness, Power of the Sword, etc. I’m probably not the target market, but I find them hilariously addictive! You are most likely to spot the WS book in it’s native habitat of: rummage sales and your grandads book case.

      Ooooo… I lifted this straight from his FB page (from the book Eye of the Tiger): “I was looking down, watching the shark come. It seemed to swell up in size as it rushed towards me. Every detail was burned into my mind in those frantic seconds. I saw the hog’s snout with the two slotted nostrils, the golden eyes with the black pupils like arrowheads, the broad blue back from which stood the tall executioner’s blade of the dorsal fin.’

      Harry Fletcher, a man with a chequered past, has reformed and is making an honest living as a charter skipper fishing for big game in the seductive waters of the Indian Ocean. Suddenly men from the world of violence Harry has put behind him overturn his good intentions, involving him in a hectic race to recover a fabulous treasure from an ancient wreck.” – Tell me you don’t want to read that!

      Bad punning! You know, I often need professional help with bad pun creation… and send a plea out to the FB community, drop by Facebook.com/FieldeyArt if it please you… your mad pun skillz could come in handy, also if you want to send me a message on my contact form I have a couple of questions for you O lady of mystery! Let us commence Escape from Dodgy Isle! HaaaROOOOO! (hunting horn noise)


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