The evolution of an idea

Well folks, it’s been an interesting journey thus far… earlier this year I custom painted my new surfboard, the Fish Wife (below left), just for the hell of it. I knew bugger all about surfing and even less about surfboards, yet here I am today with the very first, nay, the penultimate, Fieldey Custom Board (the other one).

With The Fish Wife, I had a great idea (pun-times!), sanded down the board and got to work spray painting the background and foreground. Finishing her off with a bit of acrylic paint for shadows and the in the all-important outlines with paint pens. Triumphantly I got her sealed and took her out for a spin. Got hit in the face by the ungrateful bitch.

The Fish Wife looked awesome for about 2 months before the paint began to crack and peel… and it was back to the drawing board. After months of experiments with different combinations of paint and sealant, I decided to try a different tact. Instead of painting on a finished board, I proposed to make the artwork a part of the board as it’s being shaped. Enter Inlayz technology…

Inlayz are basically large scale prints on a mesh substance that is applied on top of the surfboard foam core when it’s being made. It has the added bonuses of  being permanently part of the board and it also helps to strengthen the board without making it heavier… No one wants a 5kg floating turd log.

Thus enlightened, I put my money where my mouth was and approached a local shaper about custom-making me a board to see if the Inlay was going to be suitable… a motherboard so to speak. Chris McKenzie from Oceanline surfboards was up for the project and he graciously allowed me to film the process from start to finish. What resulted was this film (below) and an amazing 9″1 Malibu, perfect for catching the massive 0.5ft waves of Perth summer.

So why am I stoked? Because, gentle reader, we now have lift-off on a potential line of Fieldey branded surfboards… featuring limited edition prints from the original paintings! They would no doubt be the sickest (in more ways than one) boards out on the water. If I had enough money to start having more made that is… Anyone want one?



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3 responses to “The evolution of an idea

  1. By the way thanks for sharing your knowledge. Its awesome.gud one and nice stuff


  2. “No one wants a 5kg floating turd log.”

    ::laughs:: Your posts crack me up, like always. Wish I knew f*%2 all about surfing, or even lived in a country where there was surfing… (a little landlocked here in Bavaria….). And I would friend you on FB, if I was not one of the last people in civilization not part of that… damn, another person I wanted to friend asked earlier this week. At this rate, I’ll crack before the FB hoard….


    • Nope. I think you win with “Festively Farty” post. I myself have been that festively farty airplane seat buddy from hell as well…

      Bavaria! How exotic! They have some ace beer I’m told, weren’t you also living in the states? As for FB, you may have to throw caution to the wind and just kneel before that yoke, you must have too much time in your day that is not being wasted on Facebook.


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