The changing face of sketchiness

I’m going to start the first post of this fine new year by looking backward.

Quite far backward actually. Back to when I was a wee, newly-minted graduate of design school in 2003.

Back then, I was dead set on becoming an illustrator. One of my drawing teachers, recognising that I was the finest horse-drawer* in the whole of Billy Blue School of Graphic Design, set me up with a meeting with his illustration agent. I turned up to the meeting clutching my portfolio in my clammy hands and nervously flipped through the pages which showcased amongst other things, drawings from high-school which were earnestly rendered pen drawings of horses and things.

He very nicely examined my wares and agreed that yes, they were definitely well-rendered drawings of horses and other things, but what I lacked was a consistent style. He showed me images from other well known illustrators and explained how they were known for their particular style. Though my dreams of illustration stardom were crushed, I could see he had a point. He recommended that I keep a sketchbook and draw EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

It was only when I moved to London two years later, that I took up the challenge of drawing EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I filled half a dozen sketchbooks with sneaky sketches of snoozers on the tube, people I approached in the park, family members, stuffed animals from the Museum of Natural History, Nick Cave induced visions… I never went anywhere without my sketchbook. And… I got better! I developed a style! I got into a Los Lobos gig for free at the Camden Jazz Club!**

So, without further ado, and in no particular chronological order I present sketches and excerpts from those little black books, they were my life and I loved them.


Fieldey Sketchbook1


Fieldey Sketchbook2

Fieldey Sketchbook2

Fieldey Sketchbook

Self-portrait with sharks

Polo pony sketch from London

Polo Ponies head sketch detail London

Stuffed birds sketch London Natural History Museum

Sacred cow man sketch

Ra Ra Rasputine sketch

Fieldey Pirate and Parrot drawing

Piggy Bank man

Mickey Mouse thug drawing

Matthew Fieldes Sketch

Man and cow skull painting

Lifedrawing of my grandad

Death Before Dishonor Skull Painting

Angry Skulls Drawing

*This my friends, is a post for another day. I shall explain the genisis of Fieldey from my early dreams of becoming an equine artist

**Their support act saw me sketching in the cafe next door and came up to see what I was doing and put my name on the door.



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6 responses to “The changing face of sketchiness

  1. YAYYY! You’re back =) Was getting a little worried… and I love your sketches!! Wish I had your talent!!

    I wish you a happy 2012 with lots of art commissions coming your way!


  2. I love the sketches, they look fantastic thanks for posting them up!! 🙂


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