Reach out and touch faith

When the surf is flat and the holidays are hell… who you gonna call?

Saint Calamari™ ~ Your Patron Saint of Gnarly Surf & Other Rad Miracles. That’s who.

Saint Calamari traditional tattoo style painted surfboard

The inspiration for this stirring piece can be seen in my highly scientific “thought cloud” below. It’s an amalgamation of the reference material that I used to create this modern Mexican Saint of Sick Surf.


I first drew a skull-headed octopus about 6 years ago when I was living in London and it had languished in its sketchbook until now, when I decided to dust off that idea and bring it back to the light of day with an extra injection of religion. Because, who doesn’t like religious kitsch?

Sketch of skull-ocotopus

Below I offer some compelling detail shots so you may bask in his holy glow.

The face of Saint Calamari with Dia de los Muertos decorations

Old school traditional tattoo roses and banner

Old school tattoo roses and tentacles

Skull with tentacles


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3 responses to “Reach out and touch faith

  1. Your drawings …. are so good.
    They kind of make me sick. ><
    (But in a good way!) ^^b
    Great board!!!!!


  2. Don’t be sick! That would be terrible ~ we’d both hate that.
    I’m dedicating the tentacles to you!


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