Whoa Mama – check out those puppies!

surfboard painted with old school tattoo lady bulldog head

Eminent art critic and acerbic wit, Susan McEwan, brings home the bacon with a critical review of the latest in the Fieldey oeuvre, Mad Dog.

For those of you who thought that perhaps the likes of Miss Minotaur were a little too demure for today’s liberal viewers, Fieldey presents Mad Dog; with the accessories of Paris Hilton, the grace of Audrey Hepburn and enough tits to satiate even Angelina’s brood, the subject of this bitchin’ new board appeals to all manners of taste.

In this new work Fieldey marries together some unlikely influences. Never before would we have looked to Coolidge’s seminal work, Dogs Playing Poker, as sites of repressed sexual desire, but Mad Dog begs us to question previous conceptions about the erotic canine figure in art. With the sagging Bulldog features of Great Auntie Barbara juxtaposed to her supple, plentiful breasts, her figure embroiled in ripened passionfruit vine with a hint of sado-masochistic fetishism, Fieldey confronts us with our darkest Oedipal desires.

She may be Man’s best friend, but Mad Dog is a bad, bad girl.

Bulldog head lady painted on surfboard, old school tattoo style

Painted surfboard with dog headed lady and tattoos

Detail shot from the surfboard painting showing a chiuaua in a handbag

Painted surfboard showing old-school tattoo style banner and passionfruit

Painted surfboard showing old-school tattoo style banner and typeface

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3 responses to “Whoa Mama – check out those puppies!

  1. Whoa… that is a really nice board 0_o
    My darkest Oedipal desires and my buried childhood memories of ‘Dogs Playing Poker” have been both unearthed, suddenly, in one fell swoop. : D


    • Those sexy, sexy poker-playing dogs… Thanks for visiting me from your new place in success town!


      • Ahahahahaha, hardly…! I am already envisioning my publisher having decided that the book I just sent him is a dogs playing poker turd. But that is a wonderful board ^_^ And I’m glad you made the detail shots, so I could see every last tendril… and think.. I wish I could draw tendrils….


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