Companion Animal Movie

As promised, here it is- the companion animal video to the How to paint a surfboard… Fieldey Style blog post, in which I paint a surfboard… Fieldey style!




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7 responses to “Companion Animal Movie

  1. Reblogged this on South Coast Custom Surfboards and commented:
    I love ART…creativity and individuality go hand in hand:)


  2. Goddamn woman, I wish I had your drawing/painting abilities. ><
    Great!!!!!! ❤ ❤


  3. Haha, I meant goddamn, woman, not that you’re a ‘goddamn woman’. 😀


    • Lolzzz! I am a goddamn woman, just like yourself! But never fear, your penis and tail drawing skills are beyond parallel!


      • I would trade my tail and penis drawing skillz for your skillz. Anyone can draw a tail or a penis, but I was just like… bugging my eyes out watching you paint in the video. I was like… what bear do I have to fight under which waterfall to get like this?!? =)


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