Inspirational Friday: Beautiful death ~ renaissance anatomy etchings

I’ve been busy moving house for the past week, so poor bloggy has been sadly neglected but I’d like to take the time out to share with you one of my favourite things: anatomy drawings.

I was recently browsing my favourite bookstore and found a book on historical Anatomy Drawings, and since I’m always trawling the web for images of “skulls looking up” or “skeleton hand smoking” and it was awesomely cheap, I bought it. Inside I found drawings and etchings of horrifyingly beautiful complexity – I’ve included some of the ones I found most evocative and stunning and spared you guys the more explicit and nightmare-inducing examples like the severed torso giving birth and the flayed man casually standing with his hide flung jauntily over shoulder.

I think there’s a bit of yin and yang in all things in life no?

Renaissance Anatomy skeletons

Renaissance anatomy skeleton etchings

Anatomy arm

Skeleton and rhinocerous

crying anatomy skeleton


vintage anatomy etching

anatomy skulls with diseases


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6 responses to “Inspirational Friday: Beautiful death ~ renaissance anatomy etchings

  1. Severed torso giving birth?
    Now I’m intrigued…


  2. Brandon

    What is the books name I would like to find it ? Thanks


  3. Sebastian

    What is the title of the book you found? I’d be interested to read it.


  4. Anonymous

    hey man, nice credentials on the etchings. i know they’re old, but you could at least list the artist


  5. Slow Blink

    If you’re going to post art, you should cite it


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