A new studio & rapid-fire body popping

There’s no completed work to be posting this week, but we recently moved into a rad 1950’s pad, with high ceilings that were just made for people who paint surfboards. Here’s a shot of my new studio which has enough room for me to dance around naked and indulge in some rapid-fire body popping should the mood take me. Note the stylish rabbit board stop.

Fieldey's new studio with surfboard, Perth, Western Australia

I’ve been a bit superstitious about the whole move and have had to get over the insane belief that my painting powers are tied to the bedroom in our old house where I used to paint. After fretting and procrasting for a couple of weeks, I sketched up a design for a re-vamp of the original Fish Wife on this sweet little fish surfy I picked up a couple of months ago. Here is the original sketch as well as some progress photos… I’ve been so indecisive that the main character’s kimono has changed colour twice and so has the lotus.

Fieldey Fish lady sketch

New Fieldey Surfboard, koi woman

Goldfish painted on a surfboard

Fieldey Painting a surfboard

I’m still stuck on the kimono colour… any ideas?


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