The bobble-headed freak mistake

It’s been a while between boards, but after 2.5 weeks of painting and re-painting I finally finished the Fish Wife II. The whole piece was a bit of a struggle and some areas had to be re-painted multiple times because I couldn’t decide on the colour scheme. Then just as I was finishing up the final black outlines, expecting it all to come together, I dusted off my hands, stood back and realised I’d painted a bobble-headed freak instead of a fish lady. It took a day to repaint, but by gad it was worth it.

Fish - headed woman painted on surfboard

After fixing up that little disaster I now proudly present the Fish Wife II.

Koi Fish lady with sushi painted on surfboard

Koi Fish Face painted in old school tattoo style

Gold fish painted in old school tattoo style

Man's Ruin tattoo painted onto a surfboard

Koi fish and sushi kimono painted onto a surfboard



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4 responses to “The bobble-headed freak mistake

  1. Sick and beautiful!!


  2. Reblogged this on South Coast Custom Surfboards and commented:
    I love your work QUALITY


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