Día de los muertos zombie Kurt Cobain & other stories

Day of the Dead Kurt Cobain Skateboard deck

Like pretty much every other teenager growing up in the 90’s I was obsessed with Kurt Cobain. I remember listening to Nirvana Unplugged when I was 17, long after he was gone, and you know, really feeling Kurt’s pain… it was like he spoke to my soul or something. Brilliance, I would sigh, sheer brilliance.

One of my favourite Kurt images was the iconic Rolling Stone cover where he is sporting a suit and oh so dreamy blue eyes – I remember slaving for hours over an exact rendition of that in oil pastels, trying to get his eyes just so. Would that I had it here to show you, it’d probably be good for a laugh.

Kurt Cobain Rolling Stone Cover

Fast forward to now and I recently bought myself a small quiver of blank skateboard decks for some painting madness and decided to paint a sort of dead celebrity triumvirate  – three of greatest members of the infamous 27 Club… Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse and Jimi Hendrix – all of whom met an untimely end at 27.

Lucky 27 Skateboard with opium poppy and duelling pistols

I got to re-visit my favourite Kurt Cobain image and slave away with a paint brush getting his eyes just so. Considering this is the first board where I have painted an actual portrait of an actual person, I think it’s a pretty good likeness of him, face paint, zombie nose and all.

Día de los muertos Kurt Cobain Zombie

I hope you like it – and don’t be tempted to scoot up the page and match my portrait with the original cover image… it’s all about making things look rad, not anatomically correct. That is the take home message here folks.

Opium poppies on skateboard

Stay excellent. Over and out.



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6 responses to “Día de los muertos zombie Kurt Cobain & other stories

  1. It is definitely about rad over anatomically correct, but you made him look correct too, I’d say. Great capture!! __>


  2. Someone who likes Nirvana

    OMG is this board for sale? It looks so cool!!


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