The greatest artist’s website in the world

Well, gentle readers, while you were all busy water skiing, sky diving and being radical last weekend, I spent every single hour of it in a darkened room coding HTML to bring you… (probably) the greatest artist’s website in the universe. And a brand new logo on the side. Sometimes being a part time web and graphic artist has its own rewards.

New Fieldey Website

As I said, it took all weekend –  I sketched, photographed and performed all my own stunts (er… HTML coding), so come and check it out, and send me lovely supportive messages picking up on my crappy spelling at

Fieldey Gallery page



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4 responses to “The greatest artist’s website in the world

  1. Love your art style and your website is kickin! Now that I’ve discovered you, I’ll be sure to check out your latest exploits here (or there)!


  2. Oh god, I should be sleeping, but your website was too nice… and then there were thumbnails and I clicked them and beautiful work…. 0_0. And you code too ❤


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