Mutant waves at Ship Stern Bluff, Tasmania

“Raw Antarctic swells come out of deep ocean and jack up into a roaring righthander in front of the cliff which gives the spot its name. The uneven reef causes weird steps and bubbles in the wave, which are always an unpleasant surprise when you’re still trying to navigate the drop down the face.”

Ahh Shipsterns… the most mutant wave in all of Australia.

I do love to peruse videos of surfers trying to navigate this monstrous wave, and this is one seriously awesome flick! Also, it has a soundtrack by Nine Inch Nails which I still retain a post-teenage fondness for.

BTW: The real action doesn’t start until around 00.38… lest you think I was fibbing about the awesomeness of this!

South from Dave otto on Vimeo.

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