Top 5 surfboard painting videos

Who doesn’t like watching people create art? It’s amazing to watch it slowly emerge from the nothing – like a magic trick. Add to that the challenge of painting on a surfboard and you have some really awesome viewing. Check out the very different ways these artists use surfboards as their canvas in my top 5 list:

Number 1
The top spot has to be reserved for Drew Brophey – he’s the King of Custom Art! Like many people starting out with board painting, he was my go-to man for entertaining and hugely informative tutorials. This one in particular is an episode from his TV show The Paint Shop, so it’s quite long, but if you’re an aspiring artist it’ll give you an indication of how much hard work and long hours it takes to be successful.

Number 2
I really dig Diggy Smerdon’s unusual style, and this is one of my favourite clips because it combines great art with great production values.

Number 3
Zamuro Art definitely has the coolest and most fun movie – I love the editing for this and it shows off the art really well.

Number 4
Amanda Peck Phelps is a lady with a mission: to help build fresh water wells in Africa. 20% of the sales from her Project Resurface boards are donated to World Vision. I particularly love this board she’s painting in this clip, the collage style is unusual and very cool.

Number 5
I stumbled onto Bruno Alvares‘ work while I was researching this post, and though the movie doesn’t show so much actual painting, it’s artistic and captures the ethos of surfing and surf art and is really enjoyable to watch.

If you think I’ve missed anyone or know any cool surfboard painting clips, please let me know in the comments below. You can check out my surfboard painting tutorials on my Fieldey Art channel here.



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2 responses to “Top 5 surfboard painting videos

  1. Hey fieldey, nice videos, drew’s really the king, i agree.
    By the way, I just finished painting a new surfboard, check it out at


  2. Nick

    Wicked post. My mate just posted a vid of his board being painted, check it out


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