Sexy skatedeck for The Wild Girls

Skateboard commission

It’s not often that I’m allowed free reign on a commissioned piece, but David from The Wild Girls let me run… er… wild on this deck. I’ve not only managed to channel my teenage love affair for Nine Inch Nails, but I’ve also developed quite a thing for painting human organs. Enjoy!

Human heart painted on skateboard

wildgirls4 Deer Skull on skateboard


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3 responses to “Sexy skatedeck for The Wild Girls

  1. I’s so beautiful! The heart is so glistening! ::cries::


    • Gaaaawwww~ thanks Moofie! I tried very hard to get the glistening tubular look on that heart. I think I’m in love with painting glistening internal organs!


      • Yeah, they’re kinda fun huh ^^ I really like it too… guts and I drew a heart once and painting those little ridges on the tube thing was the best (so medically correct I am here >__>) was the best. Great job though, I am always so awed by your technique ❤


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