Bad jokes and new mural on Walcott St

Frankly My Dear I Don't Care for Spam

I recently got the chance to bring together two of my favourite things: Clark Gable and Spam on a wall on the iconic Learoyd St deli in Mount Lawley, Perth.

Clark Gable Mural

It was a project that was done on a budget with some serious time constraints… in the middle of summer. There was some damn early mornings spent at that wall feverishly painting before the sun came up and started frying me and my paint, but I’m actually really stoked with the result.

Walcott St deli wall

The old deli wall was covered in a bunch of advertising and posters, so I decided to work with what I had and create a fake anti-spam ad in the middle of it all.


If you’re interested in having a Fieldey wall mural of your very own, head over to my website and fill in the enquiry form and let’s make it happen!

Big shout out as well to my mega minion Mitch, who helped with the anal retentive bits… I couldn’t have done it without him.


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2 responses to “Bad jokes and new mural on Walcott St

  1. Wayne

    gday Fieldey i found your links via a google for ‘i dont care for spam’ after talking to an artist who was doing the whole front of the Learoyd St Deli (ive lived across the road past 5yrs) with some very colorful rainbowey-without-rainbows kinda mural, hard to explain as i havent been over to see the finished product yet. There’s also a cool black&white one on the opposite side of yours of a Dita Von Teese kinda 1950s womans face for lack of better terms done earlier this year but after yours, its pretty cool. There was a fire in the house at the back of the deli a few months ago (my first ever call to 000!) but the deli itself and murals are all totally fine! ps. i dont know what it is about the ham/spam thing being on a deli but it adds an extra ‘mystery’ to it – makes ya wonder! keep up the awesome work


  2. Wayne

    ooh, the one opposite building side of yours of the womans face is of “Anne Shirley” (1940s not 1950s, my bad!) – it was done over at least 2 days by artist Paul Deej but it seems youd already know that, being part of the Collective! 😎
    Anne Shirley on one side, Clarke Gabel on the other… it’s some pretty classy work!!! i look forward to checking out the front of the deli in the coming days – hats off to all three of you!


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