Fieldey and surfboard art at City Beach, Perth, Western AustraliaWell hello there!

My name’s Fieldey and I’m an artist living in Perth, Western Australia. I spend an inordinate amount of  time painting things onto surfboards and skate boards that would make small children cry.

I have an unnatural passion for naming inanimate objects and giving them strange human attributes. I love to custom-paint different utilitarian objects to bring out their character. My biggest influences are old school tattoo, 1940’s pinups, mythology, religion, Día de los Muertos, shrunken heads, monocles and fever dreams. As for subjects, I’ve never met a cliché I wasn’t willing to exploit.

If you’ve got a hankering for more information, please visit my website: www.fieldey.com/about

7 responses to “About

  1. There’s some talent here… keep it up… and best of luck with your artistic aspirations…


  2. love your style…keep on rocking your art


    • Hey thanks Jeff! You’re a star ~ thanks for the support and thanks for dropping by! Gonna be some freaky boards in the works now for an exhibition in 6 months time.


  3. I love you Dia de los Muertos work ❤


  4. Rachael

    Just saw your art at Fez cafe and had to Google it, amazing stuff! Keep up your talented art 🙂


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