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Board art from around the world

I love getting feedback from my tutorials! Here’s some examples from other people who’ve followed my them and created their own board art masterpieces.

Hit me up on Facebook if you’ve followed a Fieldey Tutorial with a pic of your board and I’ll add it to this post.


Board by Cécile Do in the US

Board by Cécile Do in the US

Surfboard art by Chris Stores in Australia

Board by Chris Stores in Austrlia

Board by Varoon in India

Board by Varoon Nair in India

Surfboard art by Flavio Barral in Brazil

Board by Flavio Barral in Brazil from instgram – @flaviobarral


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The astounding work of Kirsten Easthope a.k.a. Queenpin Deluxe!

These are possibly, slightly NSFW… But so so worth seeing!

Custom painted bowling pins

In honour of completing my first custom painted bowling pin, I’d like to introduce you to my newest artistic muse and all-round lovely person: Kirsten Easthope a.k.a Queenpin Deluxe.

Kristen’s a high-rollin’ pin-up supra-artist, who has painted everything from Fender Guitars, to Rocketbuster Cowboy Boots, to the sets of the movie “Anger Management” and custom boots for Jennifer Tilly. Her artwork has appeared in International Tattoo Art magazine, Club International magazine, Juxtapoz magazine, and she is featured in the book “Vicious, Delicious, and Ambitious” by Sherri Cullison Pfouts, from Schiffer Publishing.

Now I’m jealous… you can view more of her work on her website:  or subscribe to her Facebook page.

Custom painted pin-up bowling pins

Custom painted devil woman pin up bowling pin

Bad girl pin-up old school

Man's Ruin Pin-up


Custom painted pin-up style bowling pin

Custom painted bowling pin tattoo style

Custom pin-up bowling pin

Retro Hawaii pin-up bowling pin


Also, massive thanks to GasBombGirl for introducing me on to such an amazing talent!

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The amazing art of Sylvia Ji

I just wanted to take a moment on the beauteous Friday to ask: how freakin amazing is Sylvia Ji’s work? Stylish, simple and powerful no?

Visit her website to check out more:



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Top 5 surfboard painting videos

Who doesn’t like watching people create art? It’s amazing to watch it slowly emerge from the nothing – like a magic trick. Add to that the challenge of painting on a surfboard and you have some really awesome viewing. Check out the very different ways these artists use surfboards as their canvas in my top 5 list:

Number 1
The top spot has to be reserved for Drew Brophey – he’s the King of Custom Art! Like many people starting out with board painting, he was my go-to man for entertaining and hugely informative tutorials. This one in particular is an episode from his TV show The Paint Shop, so it’s quite long, but if you’re an aspiring artist it’ll give you an indication of how much hard work and long hours it takes to be successful.

Number 2
I really dig Diggy Smerdon’s unusual style, and this is one of my favourite clips because it combines great art with great production values.

Number 3
Zamuro Art definitely has the coolest and most fun movie – I love the editing for this and it shows off the art really well.

Number 4
Amanda Peck Phelps is a lady with a mission: to help build fresh water wells in Africa. 20% of the sales from her Project Resurface boards are donated to World Vision. I particularly love this board she’s painting in this clip, the collage style is unusual and very cool.

Number 5
I stumbled onto Bruno Alvares‘ work while I was researching this post, and though the movie doesn’t show so much actual painting, it’s artistic and captures the ethos of surfing and surf art and is really enjoyable to watch.

If you think I’ve missed anyone or know any cool surfboard painting clips, please let me know in the comments below. You can check out my surfboard painting tutorials on my Fieldey Art channel here.


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Most excellent surf art

Last year after I decided to paint my first surfboard, I did a whole bunch of research online to figure out how it was done and what you need to do to prep the boards and other important things like that.

In my ravenous YouTube watching I found this nice little movie and it’s still one of my favourites. It shows Diggy Smerdon custom painting a surfboard shaped by Luke Young. I really like Diggy’s style and it’s unusual to see loose multi media art like this on a surfboard – it’s well worth checking out!

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The owls are not what they seem

Bill Hammond Art

Good day to you sirs!

I’d like to introduce you to a little art crush of mine… he’s an iconic New Zealand artist by the name of Bill Hammond.

I first came across his work when I was on holiday in Wellington in 2008, and saw his exhibition Jingle Jangle Morning at the Wellington City Gallery. Suffice to say, it was so choice I have remembered it to this very day.

Bill Hammond artist 2

The thing about these works is that they are huge and all-encompassing. The jade and emerald green colours are so intense they make your eyes vibrate and your spleen squeak. Viewing the paintings is like a stepping through the looking-glass into a terrifying primaeval world peopled by silent and sentient bird-men.

Bill Hammond detail

The birds are Hammond’s main motif. He became haunted by them after a trip to the Auckland Islands in 1989 and he spoke of them as a kind of lost world, ruled over by beak and claw. He saw the islands as being representative of a paradisaical New Zealand, free from predators and free from man.

Bill Hammond, Unkown European ArtistBill HAmmond Artist

What impresses me most about these works, and keeps them fresh in my mind after having seen them years ago, is that Hammond has created a poignant and vaguely foreboding world that feels like a dream… and that’s not an easy feat to pull off.

What about you guys? Which artists’ haunt your dreams with their terrifying visions?

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The Good, the Bad and the Sur Fart.

Last year on our bi-annual pilgrimage to sample the wines and waves of a certain famous surf town/wine region, we passed a battered mailbox exuberantly painted with peace signs, ‘sick tubes’ and ‘gnarly lefts’. A sign sat out the front proudly proclaiming – “Surf Art Studio”. I snorted, “HA! Sur-Fart more like”. Visions of lurid sunsets and leaping dolphins passed through my mind, and I smiled smugly as we breezed past – everyone knows that’s not real art.

OHO! How the mighty have fallen, I hear you say. Yes, I’ll admit that since I starting surfing this year, I’ve developed a yearning to paint waves, skulls, sharks and mermaids… on surfboards. So what is this surf art genre I was previously so dismissive of? Is it all leaping dolphins, peace signs and bikini-clad babes?

Knowledge is power, so I went forth on an online quest for the true meaning of surf art – and found a delightful website called The Club of the Waves  and it is so stylish, and dare I say, tasteful, that I desperately want to be one of their stable of ‘Surf Artists’. Alas, two painted boards do not a surf-artist make, so instead I will settle for a posting of surf artists that I admire, the ones who really push the surf art envelope, making jerks like myself green with envy.

The first cab off the rank is American artist Chris Robb, who features typographic stylings, oceanic colour meditations and a keen eye for design and composition.

Chris Robb Art

Damian Fulton’s maverick mix of surf imagery and urban grit make for a cool-as-shit commentary on the life of an urban surfer.

Damian Fulton Art

It’s Dia del Muerto meets Mambo –  I’m digging Shawn Griggs‘s strong graphic lines, vibrant colours and luscious paintwork.

Shawn Griggs Art
Serenity emanates out of Wade koniakowsky’s paintings which are as close as you’re going to get (in your office) to sitting on your board in an exotic tropical locale.

Wade Koniakowsky

Julie Merian hails from the South of France and paints über-real, stylish monochromatic pieces, critiquing urbanisation, development and pollution in the sea.

Julie Merian Art

I hope you’ve enjoyed my slice of humble pie. I’ve come to realise, that whether it’s an outstanding example of the genre like the ones above, or a grubby barrel scribbled in the margins of a text book, it’s all unified by a celebration of the ocean and a recollection of that one perfect wave, and that one perfect moment.


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