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The amazing art of Sylvia Ji

I just wanted to take a moment on the beauteous Friday to ask: how freakin amazing is Sylvia Ji’s work? Stylish, simple and powerful no?

Visit her website to check out more:



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You’re going deeper into your cave and you’re going to find your power animal

I spent the weekend before last feverishly painting these decks for a friend to be given as a wedding present. The brief was to create two skateboards for the happy couple based on a theme of piss-take “spirit animals” for each. I will say that researching this took me to some pretty strange places, where I discovered the hidden gem of Power Animals Unleashed. For the record this is apparently the song of the rhino, and this  jaunty tune is the raccoon’s song… I suggest listening to them as you view the photos for complete audio visual immersion.

Rhino and Raccoon Spirit animal custom painted skateboard decks

Mexican wrestling rhino skateboard deck with tattoo

Mexican wrestling raccoon skateboard deck with tattoo

Mexican Dia de los muertos skull on skateboard deck

Mexican Dia de los muertos skull on skateboard deck


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The new Holy Trinity

Skateboards painted with dia de los muertos celebrities - kurt Cobaim, Amy Winehouse and Jimi Hendrix

Fieldey is pleased to present to you lovely readers, the penultimate Lucky 27 skateboard triptych.

The boards feature three of the biggest ‘members’ of the infamous 27 Club – Amy Winehouse, Kurt Cobain and Jimi Hendrix, who all died at the age of 27.

When I can up with the idea to paint these, I was all like hell yeah, it’s gonna be awesome, I can make them into zombies and there can be blood and stuff and… but once I started researching how they died and looking at a lot of reference photos, I started to really feel quite sad and decided to delve a little deeper into the other side of stardom… the side that leads talented people to either shoot themselves or to burn out with drugs and alcohol and how we as a culture deal with that – by turning them into paragons of talent, frozen in time and space and forever young, perpetuating the myth that you have to suffer for your art.

Each of the boards has ornate representations of the way they died (except Hendrix… because nobody wants a literal representation of that on their wall).

Details from Kurt Cobains deathKurt Cobain was a heroin addict and he committed suicide.

Amy Winehouse painted skateboard deck

Amy Winehouse died of alcohol poisoning.

Jimi Hendrix - barbituates and wine

And Jimi Hendrix combined red wine with loads of barbiturates and choked to death on his own vomit.

The reality is pretty grim, and leads us to ask ourselves if it is really better to burn out than to fade away?

Kurt Cobain Día de los muertos skateboard deck

Amy Winehouse day of the dead zombie skateboard deck

Jimi Hendrix Day of the dead portrait


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On the simple joys of skateboarding

People may ask, is it too late to learn to skateboard at 29? To which I say – hell no! I’m still under 30 after all, next year I’ll stow the boards and take up crocheting. You’ll have to wait for blog posts about gnarly skull bed-socks until then.

Like anything I decide to do, I went a bit berserk about it and purchased a couple of boards from Pete, the friendly face behind Boardriders Emporium, and skated myself into oblivion… to the point where I couldn’t lift up my feet to put my pants on in the morning.

Since those heady early days; two weeks ago, I’ve been busy learning how not to look like a twat and try to maintain coolness even if I get propelled off after hitting a stick on the footpath and stopping dead, or bailing off the board if it goes too fast and frantically running after it as it charges off down the hill.

Kahuna Creations Longboard Skateboards

The other thing I’ve been doing is pimping my very first longboard skateboard deck. Pete kindly give it to me to paint for the Margaret River Telstra Drug Aware Pro Surfing Event, trusting me not to paint a six-breasted, animal-headed woman on it.

That was my big challenge – to paint something on there that wasn’t drug related (no smoking) or rude (no titties) and since it was the first time a Fieldey artwork was going on display, I thought I’d paint a bit of a crowd pleaser. You can see in the photo that I cut loose and experimented with masking out areas of the deck for a retro star-burst effect, while still retaining aspects of the board’s cool wood texture.

What a revelation to realise that these boards are essentially small surfboards! They take considerably less time to paint, and are a helluva lot quicker to prepare for painting… I think there’s going to be more painted skate decks on the horizon.

Elvis Dia de los Muertos Painted Skateboard Deck

And there he is, Aloha Elvis. He combines my favourite elements of Día de los Muertos, cheesy pop culture, quiffs and hot-rod flames. If you’re heading to the Margaret River Pro this Saturday, drop by the tent and give me a high-five.

Now I’m off to bake a quiche because that’s just what us ancient old biddies do in our spare time, after ripping out a few kickflips on our skateboards of course.


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Reach out and touch faith

When the surf is flat and the holidays are hell… who you gonna call?

Saint Calamari™ ~ Your Patron Saint of Gnarly Surf & Other Rad Miracles. That’s who.

Saint Calamari traditional tattoo style painted surfboard

The inspiration for this stirring piece can be seen in my highly scientific “thought cloud” below. It’s an amalgamation of the reference material that I used to create this modern Mexican Saint of Sick Surf.


I first drew a skull-headed octopus about 6 years ago when I was living in London and it had languished in its sketchbook until now, when I decided to dust off that idea and bring it back to the light of day with an extra injection of religion. Because, who doesn’t like religious kitsch?

Sketch of skull-ocotopus

Below I offer some compelling detail shots so you may bask in his holy glow.

The face of Saint Calamari with Dia de los Muertos decorations

Old school traditional tattoo roses and banner

Old school tattoo roses and tentacles

Skull with tentacles


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