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New Bohemian Sky Burial Mural for Fez Cafe!

It is with great pleasure that I present the final pictures of the interior wall mural I was painting last week!

Fez Cafe, Mt Lawley decided they were going to change their look and they asked me to paint a mural in the cafe. They have pretty much been the perfect hosts, from giving me a open brief (bohemian) that I could interpret however I liked, and trusting me when I decided to paint a massive vulture on the wall, that it was going to be “very tasteful”. They also kept me going with wicked coffees and lots of lunches. Dream gig!

Originally, I was just going to paint a girl on the wall since I’ve been working on my portrait skills recently and I wanted to roll with that, but after I thought about it for a bit it just seemed kinda… empty… like it was missing something and there was no narrative to the concept. I’m also not a fan of painting pretty things for the sake of being pretty, I like to mix it with something a little bit darker. After mulling over it for a few days the medieval sport of falconry popped into my head along with the idea of her having a giant pet vulture. It’s funny, but the more you work on a concept the more associations tend to pop up and I was reminded of the practice of Tibetan Sky Burial… which if you don’t know what that is, google it carefully and not with image search. So in the end the concept is a kind of goddess of sky burial.

Another point to make about the artwork is that instead of using some vague internet lady to paint from, I actually photographed my friend Monday (Check out her stuff on Facebook: Monday Art) who kindly stood in my studio looking ‘mystical’ while I photographed her holding an invisible bird. I really think it makes all the difference to paint using your own reference and also people you know… it seems to give the work more life.

Big thanks also to Matt Fieldes Photography for taking the awesome photos!

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Sweet bovine muses

Friday time-travel! Please enjoy some tasty bovine morsels I painted in 2008 for Gallery Guava on Norfolk Island.*

Lets start the ball rollin’ with Gordo – named after a vile brand of cask wine marketed as “Fruity Gordo”

Cow Illustration painting

…took up Hatha Yoga as part of a firm personal commitment to spiritual enlightenment… gaining the necessary flexibility was proving difficult indeed.
Ink, pencil and gold leaf on paper.

Cow Painting

…was 101 years old. He likes older women but is yet to meet one.

Ink, pencil and acrylic on paper.

Cow Painting

…was worried about her impending birthday… Botox™ was only skin deep after all.
Acrylic, ink and pencil on paper.

Cow painting art

…cultivated a fashionable melancholic air, it was all the rage these days.
Acrylic, ink and pencil on paper.

Cow painting

Peter John
…knew that opportunity never knocked twice… he always answered on the first ring.
Ink, acrylic and pencil on paper.

This next one is clearly not a cow, but is based on my beloved and dearly departed pet chicken, Maurice.

Chicken painting

…envied the long-limbed models. She would never be a size 8, no matter how many fad diets she followed.
Acrylic, ink and pencil on paper.

Rooster painting

Gregory Peck
…spoke to a higher power during a psychedelic episode… he calls it transcendence… others call it the 70’s.
Acrylic, ink, fabric and pencil on board.

*All cows are real cows, but names have been changed to protect their identities

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