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After writing about the Great pin challenge of 2012, here’s the finished article! Looks pretty fabulous no?

This pin was a commission for George who has a collection of retro pins that he’s getting custom painted by low-brow artists all over the world. I was the first artist off the rank with this rendition of the life (and death) of Ned Kelly.

If you happen to be a non-Australian, Ned Kelly was an iconic Aussie bushranger (aka.highwayman) who was famous for stealing and murdering his way about town and having an allmighty shoot out with the authorities while wearing a suit of armour shaped like a mailbox. Amongst the fighting, the police who believed him to be some kind of indestructible demon, finally figured out that he wasn’t wearing armour on his LEGS. So they shot him in his achilles heel – HIS LEGS – and he was bought to justice. When told the date he was going to be hung he uttered his world-famous (in Australia) phrase: Such is Life.

And that, my friends, is the story of Ned Kelly.

Custom painted bowling pin with Ned KellyBowling pin with waratah flower and Ned KellyCustom painted low-brow bowling pin with skeleton


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The great pin challenge of 2012 – Day #4

Workspace with Molotow Belton cans

So while you guys were all skydiving, Flyboarding and  jet-skiing on the weekend, I was at home shackled to my desk and painting a bowling pin. It’s the most challenging commission I’ve had for sure – but it’s looking so sweet, if I may say so myself!

The pin was fairly beat-up, so I had to prepare it by filling in the holes with moulding paste and then sanding it a million times over… I did that twice. After I had a nice smooth(ish) surface I sprayed the whole thing with Belton Molotow paints, and spent two days painting Australian native plants and a set of wings onto it’s smooth, hairless sides.

I’m thinking that this is going to be the pimpingest Australian-native-plant-and-fontier-mythology themed bowling pin around.

Custom painted bowling pin in progress

Custom painted bowling pin in progress with wings

Custom painted bowling pin in progress 3



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Such is life

My newest challenge – to turn this retro pin into a three-fisted humdinger of a custom work combining skulls, Australian native plants and Ned Kelly. Having never painted on anything round before, I’m in for an interesting time… I’ve also included the concept sketches at the end so you can see the depth of my madness.



Concept drawing for Ned Kelly skeleton bowling pin


Concept drawing for Ned Kelly bowling pin


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