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New Bohemian Sky Burial Mural for Fez Cafe!

It is with great pleasure that I present the final pictures of the interior wall mural I was painting last week!

Fez Cafe, Mt Lawley decided they were going to change their look and they asked me to paint a mural in the cafe. They have pretty much been the perfect hosts, from giving me a open brief (bohemian) that I could interpret however I liked, and trusting me when I decided to paint a massive vulture on the wall, that it was going to be “very tasteful”. They also kept me going with wicked coffees and lots of lunches. Dream gig!

Originally, I was just going to paint a girl on the wall since I’ve been working on my portrait skills recently and I wanted to roll with that, but after I thought about it for a bit it just seemed kinda… empty… like it was missing something and there was no narrative to the concept. I’m also not a fan of painting pretty things for the sake of being pretty, I like to mix it with something a little bit darker. After mulling over it for a few days the medieval sport of falconry popped into my head along with the idea of her having a giant pet vulture. It’s funny, but the more you work on a concept the more associations tend to pop up and I was reminded of the practice of Tibetan Sky Burial… which if you don’t know what that is, google it carefully and not with image search. So in the end the concept is a kind of goddess of sky burial.

Another point to make about the artwork is that instead of using some vague internet lady to paint from, I actually photographed my friend Monday (Check out her stuff on Facebook: Monday Art) who kindly stood in my studio looking ‘mystical’ while I photographed her holding an invisible bird. I really think it makes all the difference to paint using your own reference and also people you know… it seems to give the work more life.

Big thanks also to Matt Fieldes Photography for taking the awesome photos!

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Gift ideas for your discerning loved ones

Well friends, it’s almost that time again… when you have to start looking for smashingly tasteful Xmas gifts for your loved ones. If you’re after something for the person that’s got it all or something for your good self, consider ordering a Fieldey commission! The following boards have all been commissioned from yours truly and I can paint:

  • Surfboards (for surfing or for the wall)
  • Skateboards
  • Murals and walls
  • Canvasses
  • International postage is AOK.

I’ve only got like two arms and hands so spaces are limited, but if you’ve got an idea or a question please contact me or check out my Commissions page: http://www.fieldey.com/commissions.html

Rhino and Raccoon Spirit animal custom painted skateboard decks

“Spirit Animals” 2012 – Skateboard Commission

Davy Jones themed surfboard painting

Davy Jones surfboard commission for Ryan. 2014

Finished commission surfboard artwork

Custom surfboard commission for Karen, 2014

Street art mural at Santa Fe Restaurant in Subiaco, Perth

Wall mural commission for Santa Fe Restaurant, Subiaco Perth. 2014

screaming skull old school tattoo style surfboard

“Don’t Drink and Drown” 2014 surfboard commission for The Royal Life Saving Society of WA

Panda bear skate board custom paint job

‘Xander the Panda’ 2013. Skatedeck commission

Skateboard commission

2013 Skatedeck commission for The Wild Girls

Retro hawaiian pin-up girl on a surfboard

2013 Commission

Custom minimal surfboard

‘Baik dan Jahat (Good and Evil)’ custom made surfboard and inlay commission 2013

Count Sexula James Brown Custom painted skateboard deck commission

‘Count Sexula’ 2013. Skatedeck commission for Michelle

Custom painted bowling pin

2012 ‘Such is Life’ Bowling pin commission

Finished surfart

2013 – Board for Sea Shepherd

Polar bear custom painted skateboard

‘Sensei Polar Bear’ 2013 Skatedeck commissioned for Pete.

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Shark love ~ Hawaii pinup style

Finished commission surfboard artwork

After three weeks in the making, this beautiful custom made and painted board is ready to be shipped to Karen in Florida! Karen contacted me via my website, asking if I could hand paint a surfboard for her. Working with my pals at Oceanline Surfboards here in Western Australia, we created this 6’8″ Funboard Egg with custom deck sprays and artwork. This baby is going to be queen of the waves!

Pictures of the whole process are below, but if you’re interested in having a board painted or getting a custom Fieldey inlay for a board you are having made, please either contact me or fill in the commissions form on my website.

Sketch for the commission artwork

It all starts with a sketch – the initial concept sketch I sent to Karen.

Work in progress

The painting begins – I’m using Molotow One4All inks for this

Hawaiian pinup girl face

Detail shot

Clear coating the surfboard

Taking the board back to the shapers, we coat it in 2-pack clear coat to protect the artwork for surfing

Fieldey and the custom board

Kissing the board goodbye before I send it off


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Good and evil custom surfboard

Good and Evil custom surfboard Bali style

Gentle readers, I would like to present to you my newest surfboard commission: ‘Baik Dan Jahat’, Indonesian for ‘good and evil’.

This was the first completely surfable custom board commission I’ve done, and I’m so stoked with the result that I’m going to discuss the process a bit more in depth below. If you can’t be arsed reading it all, feel free to skip down for the pretty pictures… I won’t mind.

Custom painted surfboard and artwork

This was a commission for a nice bloke named J. who wanted to have a custom surfboard made for his dad’s 50th birthday. His dad loves Bali, so we decided on a Balinese theme featuring two traditional gods, Barong and Rangda, who represent good and evil.

Good and Evil Balinese Gods

Normally I paint on completed boards which are more suited to hanging on a wall than surfing, so for this project I recommended that we use a graphic inlay (printed polymer/silk mesh) in a custom made board for a completely permanent solution. The inlays are awesome because they strengthen the board and if you destroy it or it gets stolen you can always have another one made with the same artwork.

Once we worked out a concept for the board, I painted the artwork smaller than life sized and had it professionally photographed. The resulting digital artwork was printed onto the graphic inlay material by an Australian company called Inlayz.

Chris McKenzie from Oceanline surfboards shaped the 7″8 mini-mal and I dropped by the factory and gave the blank deck a retro palm spray pattern before it was glassed to make it super über custom.

Foam blank surfboard with custom spray

The graphic inlay was fiberglassed into the bottom of the board making in a permanent part of the surfboard. A glossy coating finishes the board and makes the colours pop… and she’s ready to ride!

Custom minimal surfboard

The icing on the cake was a custom frame for the original artwork, which got sent off along with the board for the birthday surprise. 

Framed custom artwork

The next day I got an email from Barry which totally made my day:
Just a quick note to thank you for the awesome artwork you have done on the board that J. and my lovely wife S. gave me for my 50th birthday yesterday, it will take pride of place in my board rack, (inside). Regrettably it wont hit the waves till December, but will be ridden with pride and awe. Once again thank you for an awesome piece of art.

A big thank you to the Grosses for giving me such an awesome project, and also to all the other lovely people who have commissioned me to paint various artworks during the year,  your support has been invaluable and makes it possible for me to make a living doing what I love.


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Sensei polar bear skateboard commission

I just finished a new birthday present commission for a gentleman who shares the same birthday as me. The idea behind this was to combine a spirit animal with a Japanese theme, which we put it through the Fieldey enigma machine to produce: Sensei Polar Bear!

Polar bear custom painted skateboard

Polar bear custom painted skateboard

Polar bear custom painted skateboard

Sensei Polar bear custom painted skateboard



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Click to view a larger image

After writing about the Great pin challenge of 2012, here’s the finished article! Looks pretty fabulous no?

This pin was a commission for George who has a collection of retro pins that he’s getting custom painted by low-brow artists all over the world. I was the first artist off the rank with this rendition of the life (and death) of Ned Kelly.

If you happen to be a non-Australian, Ned Kelly was an iconic Aussie bushranger (aka.highwayman) who was famous for stealing and murdering his way about town and having an allmighty shoot out with the authorities while wearing a suit of armour shaped like a mailbox. Amongst the fighting, the police who believed him to be some kind of indestructible demon, finally figured out that he wasn’t wearing armour on his LEGS. So they shot him in his achilles heel – HIS LEGS – and he was bought to justice. When told the date he was going to be hung he uttered his world-famous (in Australia) phrase: Such is Life.

And that, my friends, is the story of Ned Kelly.

Custom painted bowling pin with Ned KellyBowling pin with waratah flower and Ned KellyCustom painted low-brow bowling pin with skeleton


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