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Fieldey x Robert Jenkins Collab Mural


An awesome blues-themed street art mashup collab between Fieldey and Robert Jenkins in Best Brew Bar.

One of the Managers from Four Points Perth, came across Rob (https://www.facebook.com/theblackmoun…) and I painting street art murals next to each other in a Laneway last year. He got in contact and asked us to come in and turn their bar into something pretty special.

We had 3 days to cover most of the walls and pillars and I had the challenge of painting the largest portrait I’ve ever done! We used a mixture of aerosol paint and house paint.





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Finito – Tex-Mex wall mural a go-go!

Street art mural at Santa Fe Restaurant in Subiaco, Perth

I’ve always wanted to paint on a massive scale and lately I’ve been testing out my skillz™on some walls around Perth. I’m still learning to spray paint, so this wall at Santa Fe Restaurant was painted with a combination of sprays and Molotow One4all markers and refill inks applied with a brush, and I think it came out pretty rad!

Spray painting the base

Base painting the main skull with spray paint

Underpainting the wall in white paint

Underpainting the wall with external water-based house paint

Colour is added to the wall

Building up the colours from the background to the foreground

Fieldey painting a street art mural

Me on day 2, getting stuck into some detail work

Street art mural at Santa Fe Restaurant in Subiaco, Perth


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#Pupsout Knockout for Wall to Wall

Pups Out for the win in a Perth street art challenge

Kindly reposted from The Rabbit Hole Gallery

Fieldey was dubbed the gong-getter of last night’s Wall to Wall live painting exhibition at Little Wing Corner Gallery.

After a gruelling two and a half hour paint-off- especially for unwell Kiara Thomas, whose voice was dwindling to a hoarse whisper- Fieldey stole the show with her magnificent #pupsout piece.

However, RLSM, Kiara Thomas, Girl The Toy and Breezy E definitely didn’t let her off easy, with some outstanding work in an extremely high-pressure environment and short time frame.

Fieldey walked away the champion with a golden skull-on-a-cricketer’s-body trophy, #vodkabrainartguy, and $300 cash.

The Rabbit Hole sends a huge congratulations to Fieldey and all of the artists involved.

Big crowd at the Corner Gallery in Subiaco Perth

This is RLSM painting a wall

Kiara Thomas painting a rad mermaid piece

Breezy E painting her wall piece

Fieldey and RLSM painting a wall at the Corner Gallery

Girrl Toys mental wall mural

RLSM and crowd

Kiara's mermaid

Breezy E's piece

RLSM's piece

Girrl Toys piece

Fieldey winning the Wall to Wall trophy

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Tiki Totem mural for Red Stripe Clothing

Behold! The second mural I’ve ever done and I think it looks pretty swish, if I do say so myself… I painted it using spray paint and palm leaves for the background, and acrylic paint for all the detail work.

Retro Tiki Totem mural in William St, Northbridge Perth

It’s painted in Red Stripe Clothing in Northbridge, Perth. If you’re in the area pop in and say hi to the lovely staff!

In other news I’m so stoked to be interviewed for Venus Goes Gidget… AAAANNNDDD… a certain surfboard maven is going to be flying over to Sydney in August to run some surfboard painting workshops with the lovely folks from V.G.G… anyone interested? http://venusgoesgidget.com/2014/05/fieldey-artist-gidget/

Fieldey in front of her Tiki Totem graffiti mural in Northbridge

Retro Tiki Totem mural in William St, Northbridge Perth


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New paint marker tutorial in the bag

Painted surfboard art with an old-school tattoo skull

Last month I was on location at The Apple in Bridgetown filming Episode 2 of my 3-part surfboard painting tutorials. I’m just winding up the film editing and thought I’d post a few screen caps from the clip – I think this one’s going to be a real corker!

Massive thank you to Matt Fieldes Photography for the pro filming, The Butcher Shop for the beautiful location, Star Surf and Skate for the surfboard and Molotow Australia for the excellent paint.

Enjoying the serenity with some dish washing detergent

Enjoying the serenity with some dish washing detergent

Surfboard artwork - how to paint a surfboard

Background is done and I’m waxing lyrical about the merits of paint markers

Using Molotow One4All inks to paint a surfboard

Demonstrating how to mix your own colours in an empty Molotow marker to paint in the shadows on the skull

Using an empty Molotow marker to create the shadows of a skull on a surfboard

Building up the layers of shadow on the skull by incrementally adding black to the custom colour marker

Using the brush tip on the Molotow marker for fine line work

Switching the tip of the marker to a brush tip lets me do some really fine line work.

Painting a tattoo-style moray eel on a surfboard

The fun part! Adding in the black on the moray eel

Thanks for reading – stay tuned for the full tutorial!

If you missed it – here’s Episode 1 starring Dan Duggan:

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A storm in a D-cup

A little piece of mine painted on the Corner Gallery wall in Subiaco, has inadvertently caused a tweeting ruckus… get ready to clutch your pearls and read on gentle reader…Subiaco Post News paper article


From the Subiaco Post, by LLOYD GORMAN

Subiaco’s marketing arm, Visit Subiaco, was forced to remove an image from its social media site this week following complaints it was offensive to women.

The image of a woman with dog heads for breasts and the slogan Check Dem Puppies appeared as a tweet on the Visit Subiaco site, which is linked to a Facebook page and website.

The image is painted on the side wall of the Corner Gallery in Hay Street, on the corner of Olive Street, by artist Haylee Fieldes, known as Fieldey, who strongly defended her satirical street art.

When the female owners of three Subiaco fashion stores saw the image online they complained to the council. “[We] would like to bring to your attention, on Visit Subiaco’s webpage, an inappropriate image that has been re-tweeted by the Visit Subiaco staff,” the shop owners told the mayor and councillors in an email.

“We all find this image offensive and inappropriate and would like to know how this image helps portray the women who work and live in Subiaco. “Does this type of image portray Subiaco as a safe and family friendly area? “From a community aspect, how does this help the self esteem of women who might be seeing this image? “The image needs to be taken down and someone should be made accountable for using such an image to portray Subiaco.” A male councillor described the image as “absolutely offensive material” and it was taken offline on Tuesday.

One female shopkeeper said she was disgusted by the image. “My mother and my sister had breast cancer, this is a disgusting portrayal of women and totally inappropriate for the City to be promoting,” she said.

Fieldey, the 31-year-old female artist who painted it, said she was proud of her work and defended it. “The joy of social media is that you never know where your art might appear on the internet,” she said. “I love the fact that Visit Subiaco found this piece of street art interesting and engaging enough to want to share it to promote the city. “As a woman and a feminist, I painted this piece to satirise objectification of women. While it’s a pity people found this offensive, art by nature and in its purest form is always in the eye of the beholder.”

Acting Subiaco CEO Scott Hawkins said: “The original tweet about the image was automatically re-tweeted by Visit Subiaco’s website content management system. The image has since been removed.”


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If you haven’t seen this already I think you really should…

This is on another level! Take a couple of minutes out of your busy day to check this baby out… you won’t regret it! The graffiti is rad and the timelapse is making me über envious.


November 30, 2013 · 8:07 am

Vulgar wall mural of the stars!

A nice little time-lapse of me painting my first wall, filmed by the dudes at ArtLab!

The painting took two days and in that time I got some delightfully disgusted looks from passers by as it began to take shape.


July 28, 2013 · 8:20 am

Skateboard painting tutorial

There’s a new (YouTube) movie in town and it goes by the thrilling title: ‪How to do an easy retro-style stencil for your skateboard‬.

It stars yours truly in my first starring and talking roll. It was a pretty scary thing to actually have my face and even worse, voice on show… I’d been purposely keeping it low key and keeping my secret identity hidden behind the name “Fieldey” which must have been pretty secret since some people assumed that I was a guy. So now the cat’s outta the bag and I’m now part of the internets.

I’m planning on doing a range of quick “How to” type movies on YouTube that will cover topics like how to prepare a surfboard to paint and how to do a cool stencil on your board. If you have any ideas or things you want to see covered by me in a slightly awkward manner please leave a comment below.

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How to paint a surfboard ~ Fieldey style

How to paint a surfboard

Newly updated in 2017 with more information, products and videos!

Firstly, Don’t panic.

Painting surfboards is easy… writing instructions about it is not as easy, which is why these instructions are a wee bit long. Follow them through and you should have the most amazing board the world has seen! The video below will show you my process, but there are step by step instructions to follow and other cool painting ideas at the end.

Fieldey says: Preparation is key!

Have a good idea… draw it out and keep drawing it until you’re happy with the composition and the look. If you can’t get it to look awesome on paper there’s no hope in hell of doing it on a 6 foot board! I personally think big is better, you want people to spot you from a mile off on the beach, this board needs to look P-I-M-P(ed)!

Housework time: Preparation is the key to a long lasting paint job. If you are using a board that has been surfed already, you have to prepare the surface well so that the paint will stick. If you miss a blob of wax, or do a shoddy sanding job, that will be where the paint will chip and crack off first. If the board is brand new, you can get away with only a quick sanding (see step 4).

Check out the clip below, which shows my preparation process from start to finish, or read through the instructions underneath.

Step 1: If it’s a second-hand or old board you’ll need to remove the wax. Either stick it out in the sun for 10 minutes until the wax softens, or if it’s an overcast or cold day, give it a run-over with a hairdryer then scrape the wax off with a wax-comb or an old bank card.

Step 2: To make sure that the wax is all gone, wipe both sides of the board down with mineral turpentine (or mineral spirits in the US) this will soften any remaining wax and it should wipe straight off.

Fieldey prepping a surfboard and sanding it for painting

Step 3: Now, because you’re a perfectionist and you want that paint job to last for ages, you’ll grab some acetone and wipe the board down one last time to get rid of any wax or oily residue from the turps.

Step 4: You now need to sand the side of the board you are painting. You want to give the paint a surface to stick to. Thus, you need to get rid of that glossy finish. Grab yourself some 240 grit sandpaper and do a couple of runs over the board with the sander. I do at least two for good measure, changing to a new piece of paper in between. It should look dull and not shiny any more. Don’t forget to sand the rails if you want to wrap your paint job further round the board. As per the picture, I use an old electric sander, but sanding by hand will work just as well.

Step 5: Last prep thing, I promise. You should mask out any areas you don’t want painted, because believe me, they will be the FIRST to get paint blobbed on them. Use a professional quality low-tack masking tape and cover the rails or reverse of the board.

Housework is done, prepare to get gnarly.

Step 6: Background time. I like to use spray paint for a quick and instant background. Much ink has been spilt debating the various types of spray paint to use, some like car paint, some like acrylic based, some like enamel based. I’m going to save you some time here, because I’ve experimented with most of that stuff, and the brand I like best is Molotow Premium aerosol paints. It dries fast, stays on like a motherbitch and it works for me.

>> Want to get cracking? Click here to visit Amazon and pick up a 9 can starter pack of Molotow Premium cans.

So spray that background and wait for it to dry and you will be ready for…

How to paint a surfboard

The main feature.

Which paints should you use? You could paint your whole board in aerosol paint, but if you have a hankering to paint something a little more detailed or if you don’t have mad can skillz then you might want to consider any of the following:

Posca Pens: These are super popular and a great choice if you’re more comfortable using pens rather than paint brushes.

>> Click here to buy a 15 starter pack online on Amazon.

Molotow One4All inks & paint markers: These are my go-to products, which you can watch me using in the video at the start. You can use the markers in pen form, or apply the refill inks with a brush which is great for covering larger areas and mixing your own colours.

>> Click here to buy a Molotow Paint Marker starter pack or the refill inks starter pack on Amazon.

>> Acrylic paints: You can use these on boards you want to surf, but I think they’re better used for boards you intend to hang on the wall as an artwork. My favourite brand is Golden Acrylics, but you can use any Artist Quality acrylic.

>> Click here to check out my recommended Golden Acrylic Color Theory kit that will get you started.

WARNING!!! Not all paints work well together – using incompatible aerosols with paint pens and then a clear coat can lead to a paint reaction that will ruin your beautiful artwork! The clear coat or paint could bubble and crack and there’s no way to save it except to start again. My top tips are to 1). Try to use all the same brand together (eg. Molotow aerosol, Molotow One4All markers and Molotow Clear coat). And 2). Test your intended paints AND the clear coat on a scrap piece of plastic and wood before you go nuts on the board! 3). Consider whether you actually want to clear coat the board: if it’s going to hang on a wall or you’re only using spray paint consider leaving it off. 

Step 7: Draw up the main part of your design. I use white chalk since it’s easy to remove.

Step 8: Then add in the base colours of your design. In the movie above, I’m using refill inks with a brush so I can cover large areas quickly, but you could just as well use marker pens instead. I’m aiming to get a good coverage of ink and most of the major areas covered. The lighter colours might need 2 or 3 coats of paint to build up a good level of opacity.

Step 9: Flesh out the design by adding your shadows and building up the mid-tones to add depth to the image.

Step 10: Add your highlights to really make things pop – remember that the lightest parts of the image will be the most eye-catching and will appear to be coming forward, and the darker shadows will appear to retreat, so if you want something to really jump out, make it lighter or add highlights.

Step 11: Once I’m happy with the design, I finish it off with a nice big dose of black outlines to bring it all together and make it look cool.

Step 12: Seal the Deal. So, you’ve finished your masterpiece and decided it’s too good for the world to miss out on and you want to seal it and surf on it pronto. Clear coating is generally the point where things can go wildly wrong – the wrong choice of clear coat and paints can react with each other and cause havoc on your sexy paint job. I recommend sticking with an acrylic-based spray clear, I like to use Molotow’s Clear Coat Gloss or, for super heavy use you can use Spraymax 2k Clear which is super durable, but takes extra precautions (you need a really good quality mask as it’s super toxic) to apply since it is essentially car quality 2k in a can. Other people really rate Krylon K01305 Gallery Series Artist which I haven’t used myself. If in doubt, remember to test out your paints and clear coat on a piece of scrap wood or plastic before starting on your board. Check out the video below that I made on clear coating your surfboard. 


Now you’re done! That wasn’t so hard was it?

Looking for other easy painting techniques to pimp your plank? Then check these videos out to inspire you:





If you’re after some inspiration for what other people have done, check out the gallery of other people who’ve followed this tute and created their own masterpieces!

PS – if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave one below. New tutorials are in the works, so subscribe to this blog or to Fieldey TV on YouTube to stay in touch.

This post contains affiliate links to some of my favourite products on Amazon, meaning that if you buy any of the products mentioned above, at no cost to you, I get a small commission for the sale which helps me keep on making rad content!


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