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Aspirational surf lifestyle photography

It’s been a wild and stressful few weeks here featuring all the fun of¬†overseas family emergencies, funerals and expired passports. To take a breather and immerse myself back into normality I’m taking some time to reflect on life’s quieter and more sublime moments and offering these photographs my brother took on a recent winter evening surf at Trigg Beach.

I think that these shots that I’ve picked best evoke the¬†peace of being out on a the water, and the humble pleasure you can take in just even sitting on your board and watching the dumpers pass by. Sometimes surfing’s not all about bombing monster waves, but about reclaiming the time and space to meditate on life and come back down to earth.

I hope you enjoy them, you can click to make them bigger and you can check out more of Matt’s work, including gnarly barrel shots on Facebook – facebook.com/MattFieldesPhotography, he’s pretty damn talented!

Surfing at Trigg Beach Western Australia

Sunset at Trigg Beach

Surf at Trigg Beach

Waves at Trigg Beach

Trigg Beach sunset

abstract sunset waves

Relaxing with a surfboard at the beach

Waves and sunset

Sunset clouds

water view


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