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Tutorial: How to prepare a surfboard for painting

If you’ve ever wanted to give an old surfboard a new lease on life and a lick o’ paint, then you’ll be wanting to carefully prepare it for painting. Here’s a new tutorial from my Fieldey TV YouTube channel that will show you how to do just that!

If you want more information on painting your surfboard visit my handy blog post here: How to paint a surfboard ~ Fieldey style or ask a question in the comments below.

If you’re a regular YouTube why not stop by and suscribe to my channel?

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The most sublime wipe-outs. Ever.

Pretty much everything shot in slow motion gains a kind of ponderous majesty, and these shots of the biggest Teahupoo ever ridden on Aug 27th 2011 are awe inspiring! I also love how graceful the wipeouts are in this, they kind of look like they’re floating on clouds whereas in reality they’re getting taken to the cleaners…


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Mutant waves at Ship Stern Bluff, Tasmania

“Raw Antarctic swells come out of deep ocean and jack up into a roaring righthander in front of the cliff which gives the spot its name. The uneven reef causes weird steps and bubbles in the wave, which are always an unpleasant surprise when you’re still trying to navigate the drop down the face.”

Ahh Shipsterns… the most mutant wave in all of Australia.

I do love to peruse videos of surfers trying to navigate this monstrous wave, and this is one seriously awesome flick! Also, it has a soundtrack by Nine Inch Nails which I still retain a post-teenage fondness for.

BTW: The real action doesn’t start until around 00.38… lest you think I was fibbing about the awesomeness of this!

South from Dave otto on Vimeo.

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Most excellent surf art

Last year after I decided to paint my first surfboard, I did a whole bunch of research online to figure out how it was done and what you need to do to prep the boards and other important things like that.

In my ravenous YouTube watching I found this nice little movie and it’s still one of my favourites. It shows Diggy Smerdon custom painting a surfboard shaped by Luke Young. I really like Diggy’s style and it’s unusual to see loose multi media art like this on a surfboard – it’s well worth checking out!

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Companion Animal Movie

As promised, here it is- the companion animal video to the How to paint a surfboard… Fieldey Style blog post, in which I paint a surfboard… Fieldey style!



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Dia de los Muertos Madness!

It was the best of weekends, it was the worst of weekends…

We ripped the bonnet off Lisa Max’s 1990 Holden Apollo and proceeded to gas ourselves silly spray painting it in a confined space. The outcome was significantly less brain cells and this rockin’ dia de los meurtos retro tattoo skull.

The main idea behind the design was the ease of painting, it had to use minimal layers of paint, be simple and very cool. We used spray paint for the background and then Moltow paint pens to paint in all the details, like the mostly epically annoying paint-by-number ever.

A few coats of clear coat went on very last to make it look mint and keep the paint on for hopefully more than a week and she was good to roll!

For the anal retentive among us, I submit some thrilling detail images below, so you can scrutinize the painstaking detail that went into this fine piece of automobile ass art.

If anyone else has any cars that need a little something special, and are brave enough to have a piece of priceless art plastered on them, contact me. It would help if you were in the Perth area, unless you want to fly us over.

Loco Motion car bonnet painting

Loco Motion car bonnet painting detail

Loco Motion car bonnet painting detail 2


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Block buster smash hit

The making of the Saucy Knave

As promised, here it is. So settle down, grab some popcorn and prepare to be entertained…

Big thanks to Brother Frobro for filming and making this.


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