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How to paint noses… like a boss!

The front view of a nose can be notoriously hard to paint! In this episode I’ll show you how to paint a realistic 3D nose.

This in-depth nose painting tutorial kicks off in episode 1 with a step-by-step breakdown on painting a front view of a caucasian male nose. I’ll be covering topics such as using light and shadows to give the appearance of depth and 3D, how to blend acrylic paints and creating flesh tones.

In episode 2 we’ll be working on a three quarter view of a darker-skinned woman’s nose.

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Basic colour theory and tips for buying paint colours

I’m taking you back to school to learn your ABC’s of colour theory and I’ll also be delving a little deeper into colour mixing and working with warm and cool shades of primary colours.

There is also a special fluffy guest presenter and probably the most amazing CGI colour wheel you have ever seen!

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Episode 2 – Painting a skateboard with an old-school skull

Following on from Episode 1, I’ll show you how to create a bloody marvellous old school tattoo skull for your skatey. Enjoy!

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Naked tattooed cat… on a table

Sometimes it’s good to just kick back and paint for the sake of painting, to paint just because it’s freaking awesome… and to make a pleasing conversation piece for your lounge room!

Old school tattoo style cat

Myself and fellow artist Lisa Max put our perverse minds and mad skillz together to create this terrifying coffee table apparition: “Kitty Cat Man” 2013.

Coffee table

We stated with a very 90’s esque coffee table that I had one of my minions sand it back to its original finish. For the background we used Molotow Premium spray paint along with a water-based wood stain on the bare wood ‘frame’.

Hairless Tattooed cat

Kitty Cat Man was painted with Golden Acrylics and my trusty hairdryer. We finished him off with a few coats of water based laquer. I think the whole thing took maybe five painting sessions… and boy are we pleased with the result!

Old school tattoo style cat


Old school tattoo style cat

Old school tattoo style cat

In case you’re wondering where the name came from, inspiration comes from the damnedest places:

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A new studio & rapid-fire body popping

There’s no completed work to be posting this week, but we recently moved into a rad 1950’s pad, with high ceilings that were just made for people who paint surfboards. Here’s a shot of my new studio which has enough room for me to dance around naked and indulge in some rapid-fire body popping should the mood take me. Note the stylish rabbit board stop.

Fieldey's new studio with surfboard, Perth, Western Australia

I’ve been a bit superstitious about the whole move and have had to get over the insane belief that my painting powers are tied to the bedroom in our old house where I used to paint. After fretting and procrasting for a couple of weeks, I sketched up a design for a re-vamp of the original Fish Wife on this sweet little fish surfy I picked up a couple of months ago. Here is the original sketch as well as some progress photos… I’ve been so indecisive that the main character’s kimono has changed colour twice and so has the lotus.

Fieldey Fish lady sketch

New Fieldey Surfboard, koi woman

Goldfish painted on a surfboard

Fieldey Painting a surfboard

I’m still stuck on the kimono colour… any ideas?

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The Saucy Knave Redux

Anyone remember this board? Or this post?

This is the board that launched this blog, way back in the mists of time (July last year). This was the second board I painted, and the one where I decided that painted surfboards were going to be my vehicle to international fame and fortune.

Fast-forward to nowish, and this is board #9. My acrylic skills have improved, apparently so have my top-hat drawing skills and I’ve got an exhibition booked for October! Wheeee!

I decided it was time to step it up a notch and indulge my obsession for South American flora: monstera leaves, stag horn ferns, custard apples and those sexy, sexy pitcher plants.

pitcher plant and ace of spades on a painted surfboard

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Fieldey board unless it was jam-packed with lovingly rendered cliches.

Dia de los Muertos skull with top hat and cravat

I learnt how to glaze acrylic paint and it’s added more depth to the work… it means they take twice as long to paint, but I think it’s probably worth it! Another pro tip I also figured out: don’t outline teeth. There you go, that’s how you avoid Goofy Mouth Syndrome.

Dia de los muertos skull holding a cigar and wearing a tophat

Obviously there’s some biblical references in here as well… the custard apple of knowledge; a more delicious update on the original.

Yellow snake wrapped around arm with custard apple

In other big news, I joined up to Twitter a few weeks ago and entered a twitter competition run by Saber, a Los Angeles graffitti icon, to win a page in Juxtapoz magazine. I sent through some examples of the boards, and was stoked, STOKED! to find out that I got listed 5th on his blog… 5th! Out of like, the world!

Here’s what he said:

Surfs up! Great detailed works on surfboards. Tiki, skulls, and beach ladies are usually usual, but this guy* rocks it! Definitely an updated twist to an older art movement using crisp, clean, graphic style painting style on an unforgiving medium. Just playing around with surfboards takes a bit of know-how and a sense of craftsmanship.

So I guess this means the international fame and fortune are just around the corner right?

*Slight gender mix-up there, my fault for not specifying on my Twitter feed…


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Companion Animal Movie

As promised, here it is- the companion animal video to the How to paint a surfboard… Fieldey Style blog post, in which I paint a surfboard… Fieldey style!



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