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Fieldey x Robert Jenkins Collab Mural


An awesome blues-themed street art mashup collab between Fieldey and Robert Jenkins in Best Brew Bar.

One of the Managers from Four Points Perth, came across Rob (https://www.facebook.com/theblackmoun…) and I painting street art murals next to each other in a Laneway last year. He got in contact and asked us to come in and turn their bar into something pretty special.

We had 3 days to cover most of the walls and pillars and I had the challenge of painting the largest portrait I’ve ever done! We used a mixture of aerosol paint and house paint.





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New Bohemian Sky Burial Mural for Fez Cafe!

It is with great pleasure that I present the final pictures of the interior wall mural I was painting last week!

Fez Cafe, Mt Lawley decided they were going to change their look and they asked me to paint a mural in the cafe. They have pretty much been the perfect hosts, from giving me a open brief (bohemian) that I could interpret however I liked, and trusting me when I decided to paint a massive vulture on the wall, that it was going to be “very tasteful”. They also kept me going with wicked coffees and lots of lunches. Dream gig!

Originally, I was just going to paint a girl on the wall since I’ve been working on my portrait skills recently and I wanted to roll with that, but after I thought about it for a bit it just seemed kinda… empty… like it was missing something and there was no narrative to the concept. I’m also not a fan of painting pretty things for the sake of being pretty, I like to mix it with something a little bit darker. After mulling over it for a few days the medieval sport of falconry popped into my head along with the idea of her having a giant pet vulture. It’s funny, but the more you work on a concept the more associations tend to pop up and I was reminded of the practice of Tibetan Sky Burial… which if you don’t know what that is, google it carefully and not with image search. So in the end the concept is a kind of goddess of sky burial.

Another point to make about the artwork is that instead of using some vague internet lady to paint from, I actually photographed my friend Monday (Check out her stuff on Facebook: Monday Art) who kindly stood in my studio looking ‘mystical’ while I photographed her holding an invisible bird. I really think it makes all the difference to paint using your own reference and also people you know… it seems to give the work more life.

Big thanks also to Matt Fieldes Photography for taking the awesome photos!

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Bad jokes and new mural on Walcott St

Frankly My Dear I Don't Care for Spam

I recently got the chance to bring together two of my favourite things: Clark Gable and Spam on a wall on the iconic Learoyd St deli in Mount Lawley, Perth.

Clark Gable Mural

It was a project that was done on a budget with some serious time constraints… in the middle of summer. There was some damn early mornings spent at that wall feverishly painting before the sun came up and started frying me and my paint, but I’m actually really stoked with the result.

Walcott St deli wall

The old deli wall was covered in a bunch of advertising and posters, so I decided to work with what I had and create a fake anti-spam ad in the middle of it all.


If you’re interested in having a Fieldey wall mural of your very own, head over to my website and fill in the enquiry form and let’s make it happen!

Big shout out as well to my mega minion Mitch, who helped with the anal retentive bits… I couldn’t have done it without him.


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#Pupsout Knockout for Wall to Wall

Pups Out for the win in a Perth street art challenge

Kindly reposted from The Rabbit Hole Gallery

Fieldey was dubbed the gong-getter of last night’s Wall to Wall live painting exhibition at Little Wing Corner Gallery.

After a gruelling two and a half hour paint-off- especially for unwell Kiara Thomas, whose voice was dwindling to a hoarse whisper- Fieldey stole the show with her magnificent #pupsout piece.

However, RLSM, Kiara Thomas, Girl The Toy and Breezy E definitely didn’t let her off easy, with some outstanding work in an extremely high-pressure environment and short time frame.

Fieldey walked away the champion with a golden skull-on-a-cricketer’s-body trophy, #vodkabrainartguy, and $300 cash.

The Rabbit Hole sends a huge congratulations to Fieldey and all of the artists involved.

Big crowd at the Corner Gallery in Subiaco Perth

This is RLSM painting a wall

Kiara Thomas painting a rad mermaid piece

Breezy E painting her wall piece

Fieldey and RLSM painting a wall at the Corner Gallery

Girrl Toys mental wall mural

RLSM and crowd

Kiara's mermaid

Breezy E's piece

RLSM's piece

Girrl Toys piece

Fieldey winning the Wall to Wall trophy

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A storm in a D-cup

A little piece of mine painted on the Corner Gallery wall in Subiaco, has inadvertently caused a tweeting ruckus… get ready to clutch your pearls and read on gentle reader…Subiaco Post News paper article


From the Subiaco Post, by LLOYD GORMAN

Subiaco’s marketing arm, Visit Subiaco, was forced to remove an image from its social media site this week following complaints it was offensive to women.

The image of a woman with dog heads for breasts and the slogan Check Dem Puppies appeared as a tweet on the Visit Subiaco site, which is linked to a Facebook page and website.

The image is painted on the side wall of the Corner Gallery in Hay Street, on the corner of Olive Street, by artist Haylee Fieldes, known as Fieldey, who strongly defended her satirical street art.

When the female owners of three Subiaco fashion stores saw the image online they complained to the council. “[We] would like to bring to your attention, on Visit Subiaco’s webpage, an inappropriate image that has been re-tweeted by the Visit Subiaco staff,” the shop owners told the mayor and councillors in an email.

“We all find this image offensive and inappropriate and would like to know how this image helps portray the women who work and live in Subiaco. “Does this type of image portray Subiaco as a safe and family friendly area? “From a community aspect, how does this help the self esteem of women who might be seeing this image? “The image needs to be taken down and someone should be made accountable for using such an image to portray Subiaco.” A male councillor described the image as “absolutely offensive material” and it was taken offline on Tuesday.

One female shopkeeper said she was disgusted by the image. “My mother and my sister had breast cancer, this is a disgusting portrayal of women and totally inappropriate for the City to be promoting,” she said.

Fieldey, the 31-year-old female artist who painted it, said she was proud of her work and defended it. “The joy of social media is that you never know where your art might appear on the internet,” she said. “I love the fact that Visit Subiaco found this piece of street art interesting and engaging enough to want to share it to promote the city. “As a woman and a feminist, I painted this piece to satirise objectification of women. While it’s a pity people found this offensive, art by nature and in its purest form is always in the eye of the beholder.”

Acting Subiaco CEO Scott Hawkins said: “The original tweet about the image was automatically re-tweeted by Visit Subiaco’s website content management system. The image has since been removed.”


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For your viewing pleasure: Screaming old-school tattoo skull surfboard

My latest surfboard offering for the Royal Lifesaving Society of WA’s “Don’t Drink and Drown Appeal”.

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February 27, 2014 · 11:51 am

Vulgar wall mural of the stars!

A nice little time-lapse of me painting my first wall, filmed by the dudes at ArtLab!

The painting took two days and in that time I got some delightfully disgusted looks from passers by as it began to take shape.


July 28, 2013 · 8:20 am

We Love Perth Interview

So stoked to be interviewed by the lovely ladies at We Love Perth a few weeks back! Read on gentle reader, to be scintillated with my witty ideas about what Perth needs, and other exciting things.


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April 1, 2013 · 6:19 pm

Fieldey’s Freakshow – a tale of trials and tribulations

So… it’s been a while between blogs, but by gad do I have a good excuse! Whilst I was busy holidaying around on Norfolk Island in early January, I received an email from the crew at OnWilliam with an intriguing proposition – to be the first artist to create a Street Snaps photo booth for the Laneway Night Markets that coincide with the awesome Fringe World Festival at the end of Jan.

Fieldey's Freaks Freakshow in Perth OnWilliam Laneway Markets

The booth was going to be 3m x 3m which sounded reasonable to someone with no spacial awareness like myself. It was only when I got back to Perth and marked it out in my living room that I realised just how big that really is. This was to be the biggest thing I’d ever created and what followed is a long (Ok, two week long) tale of trials, tribulations and derring-do.

I had to come up with a concept for the booth and then basically set it like a stage. My idea was to create a sort of rip-off Victorian era freakshow complete with silly dress ups and creepy props. On paper it was easy:

Fieldey's Freakshow Plan

Coming up with the concept and the plan was simple, but figuring out what to paint ON was a different story; most papers and canvas didn’t come in big enough sizes. My first brainwave was to paint on 3m x 2m painter’s drop sheets. So I went to the hardware store and bought about nine square meters of the stuff and convinced Mr Fieldey to help me paint an undercoat layer on them on a 37ºC day in the middle of our driveway… Tempers were frayed and a crap-ton of white paint was spilt over our rental house driveway and I realised the weave of the fabric was too coarse and WHOSE GREAT IDEA WAS THIS ANYWAY?

The next big brainwave was to paint on vinyl banners, which came in the right size and had a nice and smooth texture for painting on.  I spent a day and a half painting a giant squid man on one of them, brushed my hands off in satisfaction, only to have the paint start to peel and flake in the evening. And I had one week, ONE WEEK to finish these things! Moral to that story kids: Do your research first before painting on strange surfaces.

Fieldey Painting a goat-headed victorian bearded lady

After that failed, I did the only thing a human being could do and that was freak out, pull myself together and start again from scratch. I decided to paint the banners at a scaled down size and then have them printed at full size. This worked – it only took half as long, and the artwork at normal size looked very schmick, though with my current run of luck I was expecting them to print lime green or completely fuzzy.

Fieldey's Freakshow

At the eleventh hour I decided to use Mr Flaky vinyl banner numero uno as a sign for the outside of the booth. I painted a cool typographical message  saying: “Fieley’s Freaks”. It took me at least 3 hours to realise I’d spelt my bloody name wrong. I should point out that spelling things wrong happens to me with alarming regularity. What followed was more swearing, cursing and re-painting.

Amazingly enough, by 10am on Saturday morning it had all come together, the banners were picked up from the printers (not as good as the originals mind, but not too bad), I had a swag of silly costumes, hats and día de los muertos masks and had run around picking up tables, chairs and an antique suitcase from 3 different people around Perth. So I got by with a little (ie. LOT OF) help from my friends; borrowing props, costumes, gaffa tape and C-stands to hang the banners off and generally running around like a headless chook.

Mr Fieldey and I spent 3 hours on a very hot Saturday morning putting the booth together at the markets. I had no idea wether it would work, or if people would use it. But when we came back later at night to pack everything away… people were lining up to go in and have their photos taken! Total stoke! They had to turn people away because the markets were closing. I was so chuffed to see people in there, being silly and hamming it up in the costumes and leaving with a smile on their faces.

Fieldey's Freakshow photobooth

Here’s some photos of people getting freaky in the photobooth:


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Rocking on with Rock Candy Magazine

Well, well, well… what do we have here? Fieldey in a magazine is what we have here! Can you feel the stratospheric levels of stoke from where you are?

My good mate Ara Jansen interviewed me for Rock Candy Magazine a few months ago, and along with an awesome photo by Matt Fieldes Photography here’s the finished result –  you can read it online: http://issuu.com/rockcandymagazine/docs/rc_03 I’m right at the back on pages 102 – 103.

Interview with Fieldey in Rock Candy Magazine

Interview with Fieldey in Rock Candy Magazine – click to enlarge


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