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Incredible Evil Dead 2 Skate deck Art

If you’re an Evil Dead fan or you liked Ash Vs Evil Dead you won’t wanna miss this – Hail to the king baby!

Bruce Cambell is one of my favourite actors and Evil Dead 2 is a cult classic, so for a fun project I decided to paint Ash Williams and Deadite Ash end-to-end on a skate deck.

This board is for sale – US$650, worldwide shipping available! Email hello(at)fieldey.com or visit http://www.fieldey.com/contact.html to leave a message.

Music: “T for Terror” by Los Plantronics

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On the simple joys of skateboarding

People may ask, is it too late to learn to skateboard at 29? To which I say – hell no! I’m still under 30 after all, next year I’ll stow the boards and take up crocheting. You’ll have to wait for blog posts about gnarly skull bed-socks until then.

Like anything I decide to do, I went a bit berserk about it and purchased a couple of boards from Pete, the friendly face behind Boardriders Emporium, and skated myself into oblivion… to the point where I couldn’t lift up my feet to put my pants on in the morning.

Since those heady early days; two weeks ago, I’ve been busy learning how not to look like a twat and try to maintain coolness even if I get propelled off after hitting a stick on the footpath and stopping dead, or bailing off the board if it goes too fast and frantically running after it as it charges off down the hill.

Kahuna Creations Longboard Skateboards

The other thing I’ve been doing is pimping my very first longboard skateboard deck. Pete kindly give it to me to paint for the Margaret River Telstra Drug Aware Pro Surfing Event, trusting me not to paint a six-breasted, animal-headed woman on it.

That was my big challenge – to paint something on there that wasn’t drug related (no smoking) or rude (no titties) and since it was the first time a Fieldey artwork was going on display, I thought I’d paint a bit of a crowd pleaser. You can see in the photo that I cut loose and experimented with masking out areas of the deck for a retro star-burst effect, while still retaining aspects of the board’s cool wood texture.

What a revelation to realise that these boards are essentially small surfboards! They take considerably less time to paint, and are a helluva lot quicker to prepare for painting… I think there’s going to be more painted skate decks on the horizon.

Elvis Dia de los Muertos Painted Skateboard Deck

And there he is, Aloha Elvis. He combines my favourite elements of Día de los Muertos, cheesy pop culture, quiffs and hot-rod flames. If you’re heading to the Margaret River Pro this Saturday, drop by the tent and give me a high-five.

Now I’m off to bake a quiche because that’s just what us ancient old biddies do in our spare time, after ripping out a few kickflips on our skateboards of course.


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