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Before opening a new gallery in the San Diego area, Shanna flew me over to California to work with her on a four day intensive surfboard painting workshop. Over the course of just a few days, Shanna and I worked together and I took her through all the steps necessary to create two awesome surfboard artworks. Some of the skills we worked on were preparing surfboards for painting, basic spray painting skills and advanced acrylic blending and portraiture. The results were two amazing boards that she is stoked to be hanging in her new gallery in March. I’ll be back in LA/San Diego from next week for 2 months – anyone wanting workshops please get in touch!

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Balcatta Senior High surfboard art workshops

I’ve been having a blast doing a surfboard painting workshop at Balcatta Senior High for the past 3 weeks. It’s for the Gifted and Talented Arts Program and I’m stoked with the progress these guys are making! How lucky are they to go to a school that offers these kinds of programs… the best we used to get was still-life painting and Lino cutting!

More Fieldey workshops are going to be coming to Sydney and Perth this year – if you’re interested in participating or want to suggest a location please contact me with the details.

Perth Surfboard Art Workshop at Balcatta Senior High

Students preparing their boards for painting – we’re using second hand boards so they need a fair amount of cleaning.

Perth Surfboard Art Workshop at Balcatta Senior High

This is one of my favourite boards and colour combos – clever use of the ol’ liquid soap effect

Perth Surfboard Art Workshop at Balcatta Senior High

Rinsing off a liquid soap number

Perth Surfboard Art Workshop at Balcatta Senior High

Awesome concept sketches being drawn up

Perth Surfboard Art Workshop at Balcatta Senior High

Board in progress being painted up with Molotow One4All inks

Perth Surfboard Art Workshop at Balcatta Senior High

Another board in progress – it’s starting to come together

Perth Surfboard Art Workshop at Balcatta Senior High

This is my board that I’m painting. I’m using Molotow™ One4All inks for this one.

Perth Surfboard Art Workshop at Balcatta Senior High

Old school tattoo koi being drawn up ready for painting

Perth Surfboard Art Workshop at Balcatta Senior High

Sketching up their designs with chalk

Perth Surfboard Art Workshop at Balcatta Senior High

We have the coolest space to work in – lots of old tables, lots of walls to paint on and lots of space to get messy!

Perth Surfboard Art Workshop at Balcatta Senior High

Some crazy creative backgrounds ready to go

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Don’t drink and drown surfboard art

Wowza! It’s been a stinking hot last couple of days and I’ve been painting frantically trying to get this surfboard finished before I head off on holiday to Sri Lanka tomorrow… and here it is!

screaming skull old school tattoo style surfboard

It’s for the Royal Life Saving Society of WA’s “Don’t drink and drown” appeal, and I reckon it has the best and most intense skull I’ve painted to date!

Screaming skull surfboard art

Fieldey painting a surfboard


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The Saucy Knave Redux

Anyone remember this board? Or this post?

This is the board that launched this blog, way back in the mists of time (July last year). This was the second board I painted, and the one where I decided that painted surfboards were going to be my vehicle to international fame and fortune.

Fast-forward to nowish, and this is board #9. My acrylic skills have improved, apparently so have my top-hat drawing skills and I’ve got an exhibition booked for October! Wheeee!

I decided it was time to step it up a notch and indulge my obsession for South American flora: monstera leaves, stag horn ferns, custard apples and those sexy, sexy pitcher plants.

pitcher plant and ace of spades on a painted surfboard

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Fieldey board unless it was jam-packed with lovingly rendered cliches.

Dia de los Muertos skull with top hat and cravat

I learnt how to glaze acrylic paint and it’s added more depth to the work… it means they take twice as long to paint, but I think it’s probably worth it! Another pro tip I also figured out: don’t outline teeth. There you go, that’s how you avoid Goofy Mouth Syndrome.

Dia de los muertos skull holding a cigar and wearing a tophat

Obviously there’s some biblical references in here as well… the custard apple of knowledge; a more delicious update on the original.

Yellow snake wrapped around arm with custard apple

In other big news, I joined up to Twitter a few weeks ago and entered a twitter competition run by Saber, a Los Angeles graffitti icon, to win a page in Juxtapoz magazine. I sent through some examples of the boards, and was stoked, STOKED! to find out that I got listed 5th on his blog… 5th! Out of like, the world!

Here’s what he said:

Surfs up! Great detailed works on surfboards. Tiki, skulls, and beach ladies are usually usual, but this guy* rocks it! Definitely an updated twist to an older art movement using crisp, clean, graphic style painting style on an unforgiving medium. Just playing around with surfboards takes a bit of know-how and a sense of craftsmanship.

So I guess this means the international fame and fortune are just around the corner right?

*Slight gender mix-up there, my fault for not specifying on my Twitter feed…


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Whoa Mama – check out those puppies!

surfboard painted with old school tattoo lady bulldog head

Eminent art critic and acerbic wit, Susan McEwan, brings home the bacon with a critical review of the latest in the Fieldey oeuvre, Mad Dog.

For those of you who thought that perhaps the likes of Miss Minotaur were a little too demure for today’s liberal viewers, Fieldey presents Mad Dog; with the accessories of Paris Hilton, the grace of Audrey Hepburn and enough tits to satiate even Angelina’s brood, the subject of this bitchin’ new board appeals to all manners of taste.

In this new work Fieldey marries together some unlikely influences. Never before would we have looked to Coolidge’s seminal work, Dogs Playing Poker, as sites of repressed sexual desire, but Mad Dog begs us to question previous conceptions about the erotic canine figure in art. With the sagging Bulldog features of Great Auntie Barbara juxtaposed to her supple, plentiful breasts, her figure embroiled in ripened passionfruit vine with a hint of sado-masochistic fetishism, Fieldey confronts us with our darkest Oedipal desires.

She may be Man’s best friend, but Mad Dog is a bad, bad girl.

Bulldog head lady painted on surfboard, old school tattoo style

Painted surfboard with dog headed lady and tattoos

Detail shot from the surfboard painting showing a chiuaua in a handbag

Painted surfboard showing old-school tattoo style banner and passionfruit

Painted surfboard showing old-school tattoo style banner and typeface

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Reach out and touch faith

When the surf is flat and the holidays are hell… who you gonna call?

Saint Calamari™ ~ Your Patron Saint of Gnarly Surf & Other Rad Miracles. That’s who.

Saint Calamari traditional tattoo style painted surfboard

The inspiration for this stirring piece can be seen in my highly scientific “thought cloud” below. It’s an amalgamation of the reference material that I used to create this modern Mexican Saint of Sick Surf.


I first drew a skull-headed octopus about 6 years ago when I was living in London and it had languished in its sketchbook until now, when I decided to dust off that idea and bring it back to the light of day with an extra injection of religion. Because, who doesn’t like religious kitsch?

Sketch of skull-ocotopus

Below I offer some compelling detail shots so you may bask in his holy glow.

The face of Saint Calamari with Dia de los Muertos decorations

Old school traditional tattoo roses and banner

Old school tattoo roses and tentacles

Skull with tentacles


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Block buster smash hit

The making of the Saucy Knave

As promised, here it is. So settle down, grab some popcorn and prepare to be entertained…

Big thanks to Brother Frobro for filming and making this.


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