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Before opening a new gallery in the San Diego area, Shanna flew me over to California to work with her on a four day intensive surfboard painting workshop. Over the course of just a few days, Shanna and I worked together and I took her through all the steps necessary to create two awesome surfboard artworks. Some of the skills we worked on were preparing surfboards for painting, basic spray painting skills and advanced acrylic blending and portraiture. The results were two amazing boards that she is stoked to be hanging in her new gallery in March. I’ll be back in LA/San Diego from next week for 2 months – anyone wanting workshops please get in touch!

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Gift ideas for your discerning loved ones

Well friends, it’s almost that time again… when you have to start looking for smashingly tasteful Xmas gifts for your loved ones. If you’re after something for the person that’s got it all or something for your good self, consider ordering a Fieldey commission! The following boards have all been commissioned from yours truly and I can paint:

  • Surfboards (for surfing or for the wall)
  • Skateboards
  • Murals and walls
  • Canvasses
  • International postage is AOK.

I’ve only got like two arms and hands so spaces are limited, but if you’ve got an idea or a question please contact me or check out my Commissions page: http://www.fieldey.com/commissions.html

Rhino and Raccoon Spirit animal custom painted skateboard decks

“Spirit Animals” 2012 – Skateboard Commission

Davy Jones themed surfboard painting

Davy Jones surfboard commission for Ryan. 2014

Finished commission surfboard artwork

Custom surfboard commission for Karen, 2014

Street art mural at Santa Fe Restaurant in Subiaco, Perth

Wall mural commission for Santa Fe Restaurant, Subiaco Perth. 2014

screaming skull old school tattoo style surfboard

“Don’t Drink and Drown” 2014 surfboard commission for The Royal Life Saving Society of WA

Panda bear skate board custom paint job

‘Xander the Panda’ 2013. Skatedeck commission

Skateboard commission

2013 Skatedeck commission for The Wild Girls

Retro hawaiian pin-up girl on a surfboard

2013 Commission

Custom minimal surfboard

‘Baik dan Jahat (Good and Evil)’ custom made surfboard and inlay commission 2013

Count Sexula James Brown Custom painted skateboard deck commission

‘Count Sexula’ 2013. Skatedeck commission for Michelle

Custom painted bowling pin

2012 ‘Such is Life’ Bowling pin commission

Finished surfart

2013 – Board for Sea Shepherd

Polar bear custom painted skateboard

‘Sensei Polar Bear’ 2013 Skatedeck commissioned for Pete.

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Davy Jones surfboard commission success!

Davy Jones themed surfboard painting

Finally got around to processing the final photos of Ryan’s Davy Jones surfboard that I painted a few weeks ago. It was one of my most challenging commissions, but it was awesome to have the opportunity and scope and really give my painting skills a workout.

If you’re interested in having a board custom painted, visit http://www.fieldey.com/commissions.html and fill in the form and I’ll get back to you with a quote.

Davy Jones surfboard portrait

Davy Jones Pirates of the Caribbean themed surfboard painting


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Gidgets go Picasso Surf Art Workshop

DSC_6402 copy

The inaugural Gidgets Go Picasso Surfboard Art Workshop was held last Saturday at the Bondi Pavilion and despite the crappy weather it went off! I was so stoked with the response that we got from this, everyone was super lovely, and it was great to hear silence in the room as everyone was in deep creative concentration painting their surfboard artworks.

DSC_6258 copy

I led eight workshoppers through a four step cleaning process to prepare their boards for painting and demonstrated some of my favourite old-school spray techniques using Molotow spray paint and a handy palm frond and then let them loose on the supplies.

DSC_6160 copy

At the end of the day we ended up with nine completely different artworks, each one a unique expression of creativeness and ready to hit the waves.

DSC_6394 copy

The workshop was held in conjunction with Venus Goes Gidget and hosted by myself. Molotow Australia sponsored the paints and more workshops are in the pipeline for August 2015 – so sign up to my blog if you want to come along to the next one! Big thanks also to Matt Fieldes Photography for these lovely photos.

DSC_6210 copy

DSC_6232 copy

DSC_6240 copy

DSC_6255 copy

DSC_6166 copy

DSC_6096 copy

DSC_6344 copy

DSC_6375 copy

DSC_6382 copy

DSC_6386 copy

DSC_6354 copy

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Balcatta Senior High surfboard art workshops

I’ve been having a blast doing a surfboard painting workshop at Balcatta Senior High for the past 3 weeks. It’s for the Gifted and Talented Arts Program and I’m stoked with the progress these guys are making! How lucky are they to go to a school that offers these kinds of programs… the best we used to get was still-life painting and Lino cutting!

More Fieldey workshops are going to be coming to Sydney and Perth this year – if you’re interested in participating or want to suggest a location please contact me with the details.

Perth Surfboard Art Workshop at Balcatta Senior High

Students preparing their boards for painting – we’re using second hand boards so they need a fair amount of cleaning.

Perth Surfboard Art Workshop at Balcatta Senior High

This is one of my favourite boards and colour combos – clever use of the ol’ liquid soap effect

Perth Surfboard Art Workshop at Balcatta Senior High

Rinsing off a liquid soap number

Perth Surfboard Art Workshop at Balcatta Senior High

Awesome concept sketches being drawn up

Perth Surfboard Art Workshop at Balcatta Senior High

Board in progress being painted up with Molotow One4All inks

Perth Surfboard Art Workshop at Balcatta Senior High

Another board in progress – it’s starting to come together

Perth Surfboard Art Workshop at Balcatta Senior High

This is my board that I’m painting. I’m using Molotow™ One4All inks for this one.

Perth Surfboard Art Workshop at Balcatta Senior High

Old school tattoo koi being drawn up ready for painting

Perth Surfboard Art Workshop at Balcatta Senior High

Sketching up their designs with chalk

Perth Surfboard Art Workshop at Balcatta Senior High

We have the coolest space to work in – lots of old tables, lots of walls to paint on and lots of space to get messy!

Perth Surfboard Art Workshop at Balcatta Senior High

Some crazy creative backgrounds ready to go

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Board art from around the world

I love getting feedback from my tutorials! Here’s some examples from other people who’ve followed my them and created their own board art masterpieces.

Hit me up on Facebook if you’ve followed a Fieldey Tutorial with a pic of your board and I’ll add it to this post.


Board by Cécile Do in the US

Board by Cécile Do in the US

Surfboard art by Chris Stores in Australia

Board by Chris Stores in Austrlia

Board by Varoon in India

Board by Varoon Nair in India https://www.facebook.com/squid9works

Surfboard art by Flavio Barral in Brazil

Board by Flavio Barral in Brazil from instgram – @flaviobarral


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How a Ranga from a landlocked country turned into a Gidget

The Island life - Venus goes Gidget

This Island Life – Venus Goes Gidget – Photography by Michaela Skovranova

Sometimes life takes you to unexpected places and something as simple as learning to surf can be a life-changing experience.

I know it was for me, and I’d like to share Claudia Hirschberger’s story – she went from living in a land-locked country and working in advertising, to learning to surf, moving to Bondi and starting up Venus Goes Gidget – a lifestyle blog, knowledge base and travel company for female surfers. It’s a great story, and proof that you can do what you want with your life, you’ve just gotta be brave and get out there… commit to that big scary wave and paddle like a maniac till you get where you’re going!

Aquabumps photo of Claudia surfing

Claudia frothing Gidget style at Bondi – photo by Aquabumps

I’m Austrian. I’m a woman and a Ranga. Not quite what you think of when you are describing a typical surfer.

For those who don’t know, Austria is landlocked and is pretty much one big mountain. I grew up with ski boots strapped to my legs and the cold frozen sorts of water under my feet. I was 21 the first time I saw the ocean and discovered the waves during a stint as an exchange student in Australia. And it was love at first sight. You would not get me out of the water. I was like a little kid playing with the waves. I could not get enough of it. Although the concept of riding waves on a board was still somewhat strange at that point in time.

I returned to Australia a couple of years later on a round the world trip. In Byron Bay, I had my very first surf lesson. It was just me and another dude and the instructor. That was back in the days when Byron was still a sleepy surf town. I will never forget the first words of my rather good looking surf instructor: When you slide on your board, be really careful and tender, it’s like sliding onto a guy. Wow. I’m still blushing thinking back. I think that’s when I was hooked to surfing. No, no, ok I actually I think it was when I got the rush of catching a wave and then the excitement when I first managed to stand up. Not so much when I could not feel my arms the next day. What people don’t tell you about surfing: it does not matter if you’ve snowboarded or skated before, you first gotta get that paddle thing sorted which can be pretty painful at times.

Venus goes Gidget Island life

Photography by Michaela Skovranova

Long story short, I fell in love with the waves and decided to move to Australia when I was 24 to properly learn to surf. I went surfing every single day, no matter how the conditions were…small, big, onshore, offshore, and she was determined…very determined. Fast forward, nine years later, I’m still frothing and I’ve turned my back to a career in advertising and founded my own surf business called ‘Venus Goes Gidget’.

I started Venus Goes Gidget as a blog initially and found real joy in sharing my knowledge and insights from my own surf journey. Through Venus Goes Gidget I’ve discovered my passion for teaching and mentoring people and decided to extend Venus Goes Gidget beyond a blog and developed my skills for personal surf coaching.

Every woman can have a great surf experience. If an Austrian Ranga can do it, you can do it. With ‘Venus Goes Gidget’ I hope to encourage more ladies to experience the joy of surfing and just giving it a go regardless of their age, gender or level of fitness.

Venus Goes Gidget under the waves

Photo by Seb Diaz

When I first started surfing, there were only two types of girls found in the surf…stereotype anyway…but it was either blond blue-eyed surfer babe or the butch lesbian tomboy surfer. Not growing up on the beach, I was completely oblivious to these stereotypes and just gave it a go.

Having said that, since I’ve started surfing almost 10 years ago, women’s surfing has come a long way and it’s good to see more and more women surfing. The girls on the World Tour surf absolutely amazing. I just watched the highlight video from the Fiji Pro World Tour. But not only on the Worldtour, even in my local break Bondi I can tell the difference. There were only a few of us amongst 50 guys on a typical Bondi morning, and now you find heaps more girls out there.

Surfing at Bondi

I think the challenge is not to try to surf like the boys but instead bring the feminine spirit back into the water. It’s the beauty and gracefulness of a female surfer as opposed to the strength and the power of male surfing. There is a place for both but I guess like with everything it’s about the balance and for too long the line-up has been a testosterone heaven. It does not matter if you are male or female, surfing is a way to connect to nature, the ocean and yourself in a world where many of us are disconnected from nature.

Surfing has changed my life and ultimately, I want to bring other ladies the joy I found in my passion that is surfing and hopefully inspire them along the way.

Claudia from Venus Goes Gidget

Photo by Jen Pfeifer

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